Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't help myself

So I'm beyond broke, but even poor women need shopping therapy to keep their head above water.
I stopped at a garage sale on Saturday. I swear it was practically fate. I was doing so well avoiding what I truly believe was a record breaking amount of yard sales that day, put on every corner of every street I turned down, and placed there by the devil himself, tempting my lightweight wallet like only a pink frosting cupcake can tempt a weakened dieter.
I did so well too. Heading straight to where I needed to go, looking forward, avoiding the neon colored signs streaking my peripheral vision. I was *almost* home when I decided to reward my good behavior with an ice cold soda and had to make an unexpected detour and wound up right in front of an elderly lady waving me into her yard sale. I couldn't say no! I decided to stick with a budget of $1.25 the cost of my icy cola reward which I was easily forgoing in the name of therapeutic shopping! I don't know if it was the circumstances in which these 3 items were bought (almost sinfully) or if I really do love the items I got, but..I REALLY DO LOVE THE ITEMS I GOT!

I have been looking everywhere, for a very long time, to find an over sized pair of silverware, fork and spoon. I've even looked on ebay, where I can only find tribal type carved ones, and it was almost to the point I was going to make my own out of plywood and a jigsaw, but they would be a little on the simplistic side for my taste because of my limited skills, but there in the grass, near the therapeutic shoes was the spoon. No fork, but it is exactly the spoon I had always envisioned, except the spoon of my dreams was wooden, which I planned to paint white or black and this one was silver (which I never would have thought of-duh) and I totally love it.

I still want a fork, and know I'll probably never find an exact match, but good things come to those who wait right?
In that same photo you can see my other purchase. A ceramic yellow apple. I have a similar one there that looks blue, but is actually a neon green apple that lays on it's side. (it's a bad photo, but the window makes it impossible to shoot here) anyway, I have seen a lot of these apples around and buy any green ones I can find, but never have I seen a yellow one, and it matches my kitchen perfectly. @ $.50 for the spoon, and $.10 for the apple, I had exactly $.65 left in my budget when I spotted this next item. I was willing to let everything else go if only to get it and when I turned it over there was a 50 cent sticker that made my heart skip a beat. I truly love this piece.

I haven't decided where I want this pretty planter because I think it looks fabulous everywhere. With that beautiful "owl shape"and scalloped feather design how can you not love it? On the bottom it says Caleramics USA 19©76 it also has a number that looks like 602-1.

I tried doing a little research on it and didn't find much besides the obvious. It was made in California in the 70s. One thing I did notice while searching was the recurring image of a pot that had a bee hive shape to it and if there is a series of "nature" pottery done in Caleramics..I must have them all!
Here is the "hive" piece:

If you know/find any more info, let me know.

So whether you view this post as a story of a woman with no will power, or a story of a woman who was gifted with the luck to find beautiful things on a budget, one thing is certain. Shopping therapy works. I'm a happy camper!


  1. WE need to go garage saling together sometime. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! so much fun. on occasions i can wake up my dh early and get him to go along with me but he prefers not!

  2. I view you as an amazing finder. You alwasy find the best stuff and keeping on a budget is an even better score.

  3. I love the pot, I love the shape and design, its so pretty :) I have an old wood spoon and fork set, it was my grandmas...every now and again I see them at the good will here...I got a bee hive shaped one at the pot shop here :) I have it outside with a fern in it, I love it :) I wish I had such a good eye for finds like tham all


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