Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garage sales!

Honey got a little bonus so I got to do a little shopping!

First of all, can I just say that Cutecumber lives up to the "cute" in her name? Today she went with me and scored something at almost every house we went to. It isn't unusual for her to get a few free things but today she really raked it in. Here is her loot of free items, each being from a different sale.

Hat- which I'm thinking of adding to and using in her Tea Party themed Birthday coming up.
mini rolling pin- the guy that gave this to her was really cute and told her to save it for her husbands head lol
Carebear dvd- I think we might have a new favorite
2 carebears- (each from a different sale weird huh?) I love carebears because they are so well made and I can just throw them in the washing machine!
GIANT dolphin- It's bigger than she is and the cats on it are a cute Japanese style I think, but not really sure why they are on a dolphin. She found out it was a squeaky toy while I was driving. Not so cute.
Jelly bean bracelet- It's a little big, but really cute! Ms. Thang may ask to borrow it. Even mom might... lol

Can you believe her haul? How can one resist?

She was supposed to be napping but here she is standing on the toy box. I had to go get the camera because she was being so charming. She did have a big flower in her hair today too. Honey said she looked like a little senorita lol

Here are my PAID FOR items:

Label maker- In the master lock box is an embossing label maker. It's like new! It's "old school" where you have to turn the dial to each letter and pull the trigger. It's got about 10 or more rolls in different colors too. I hope the kids have as much fun with it as I did when I was younger.

Blue organization box- I'm going to use it for craft stuff I think. I'll be testing out that label maker... lol

Tissue paper and 3 little flower wreaths- I plan to use this for Cutecumbers tea party.

Silver pear- I collect pears and this one is big and beautiful just like me :P

mug rack- I've been looking for one of these. I'm going to paint it and use it for Ms. Thang's necklaces OR Cutecumbers tea cups in the play kitchen.

Cute dress- 3T so it's too big, but it can be for warm or cool weather depending on what I pair it with. It's super soft.

Yellow plate- I love yellow and this one says cheerios all over it. It was an impulse buy at $.10 lol

On top of the blue box- sun glasses for the Scientist along with a key chain measuring tape for him as well.

Ready for my grand total?.......

$5.35 and $3 of that was on the label maker. :)

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