Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go me, it's my birthday! (no it's not, but go anyway)

I've always wanted to use this picture in a post but never had a reason until now. With my Honey working long hours and home a lot less, the list of Honey-do's is getting out of control. I've had to step up and mostly this included small things like taking out the trash (hate it) and putting batteries in the Scientist's menagerie of toys. But today I decided to hit a few of the bigger, more pressing issues that can't wait any longer. Today I fixed my leaking washing machine!
I hate to admit this, but it's been leaking for 2 weeks and I have just been using old towels to keep the water at bay.
Honey worked a lot of overtime trying to get caught up (in a time I'll refer to as "The Big Job Switch") and most of that ended up going to an unexpected air conditioning fix. Then he had jury duty and actually had to serve on the jury for awhile, then go to work after court each day and work into the weeeee hours just to stay afloat because jury duty pays beans. No time for the washing machine there. Then when jury duty was over this week, he worked more overtime trying to get caught up for the days he had missed. Then come Sunday (today) which is his day off, he got called into work.

My poor over worked honey. :( I decided, that I would try and fix the washing machine myself. Well, at least attempt to.
I armed myself with a little pre knowledge from Google. I followed a check list and soon found that there was a pinhole in the plastic drain tube that runs underneath the washer.
First of all let me brag by saying I laid on the floor while holding the machine at a tilted angle (cant lay them down or the balance will be off) for hour! I used one hand to remove a clamp, find the hole and tape it up. I probably should have removed the whole thing and bought a new one as a replacement, but this is my first time and I chose the easy, temporary fix. I bought my honey some time if nothing else.
The scientist was a HUGE help to me. He fetched the electrical tape for me and even held the flash light for me.
Well, I say flashlight, but really it was the light pen that goes to the kids glow station. But hey, it worked!
I'm proud that I did it, and proud that I took a little brick off of my Honey's overloaded shoulder haul. Now I can use my washer towel-free, and tomorrow I'll have one bicep bigger than the other from holding up that machine.
I'm prouder than I should be. It sort of makes me sorry about the evil thoughts I have when Honey half-ass cleans the kitchen and wants me to thank him as if doing something I do thanklessly every day deserves a little jig when he does it.

But THIS is different. :P

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  1. I had to fix a drawer once in the kitchen! It was broken, everytime you opened it it would fall to the ground.... My honey wiuldnt fix it so I had to do it... lol All it needed was glue.... but still lol

    Super Mom!


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