Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heck yes!

A few wonderful things happened the other day and I guess I am possibly ruining it all by sharing a couple of private pictures and conversations...
Meh, I'll risk it!

If you brag enough about finding thrifty treasures, you can convince even the most reluctant of friends to go and save money! Through persistent peer pressure of course, but when you know you're right..keep it up! That's my motto. :P

A person (I will refer to as "Dimples") is a self proclaimed clothing snob. Yeah, that's right and we still remain friends,.. I know! And she shutters at the thought of my children in lice riddled clothing bought second-hand at garage sales and thrift shops, but because she loves me, she still remains my friend. It's deep!

So yesterday I get a phone call and a couple of emails. Guess what ol' Dimples did? Uh huh, she risked lice and cooties, to walk through the aisles of Goodwill! Of course she avoided the clothing and washed her hands immediately after leaving (possibly in alcohol, then peroxide, and finished off with a mild acid) BUT she left with some items! I have a picture of them that I shall cherrish forever, and I thought of posting it here, but one of her adorable children are in the background and he is so adorable you'll bust out in song and I really can't risk it. You may be reading this at work.

They were mainly things to redecorate her huge house that I'm so jealous of and yet..STILL her friend. More specifically items for her boys room, but it gets even better.

What do I collect and can never have enough of? That's right, PEARS! (don't worry if you didn't guess correctly, I think my point will still pan out)

Look what dimples got me!

Isn't it a beauty! I have yet to touch it cause she lives far away, but at the rate we mail items to each other, I may be holding it as soon as Thanksgiving 2011! It's practically a trophy. I may have to frame a picture of it with the inscription "Worlds Best Thrifter- Helping cheap decor find permanent homes"!

It's midnight and I'm still waiting up for my Honey. Apparently loneliness and lack of sleep make me a little silly and long winded, when usually I am not...Ok ok that was a lie, but Dimples still loves me and one day I'll have a pear to prove it. :)

Ps, I love getting people on the Thrift Train, but most are so willing and easily coaxed. Dimples was really reluctant so the victory seems sweeter.

Do YOU need a little convincing? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should buy items from Thrift shops and resale stores:

1. Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill use the money they make on those items to help men, women and children in your very own community.
2. It's green! You save items from the landfill and reduce the need for more items to be produced and the energy it takes to produce them.
3. You save money!

It's totally worth risking the cooties. :)


  1. Dimples sounds like one amazing broad! Is she hot?


  2. lol. How sweet od Dimples to buy you a pear! What else did she buy?! Anything else amazing?

  3. Why yes dimples, you are hot! :P

    Crystal she got..
    a lava lamp that is like 3ft tall or something, wrought iron candle thingy, a canister, some framed childrens art, kids books, and...a picture frame. I think that's it.

    You still need to post about what you got and what you did with it!

  4. Hey... I'm not trying to compete with dimples but... I got you a pear too. lol. IF you want it. It's not as nice as that one but you might be able to paint it a different color!! Let me know what you are looking for and when I go shopping I can look too! Give me your phone number so I can text you pictures!

  5. I wish you and Dimples would compete. As a matter of fact, I think you should have a competition on who can send me the most in a week..every week. forever. lol

    I'll give you my # on FB in a sec. <3 Thanks girls!

  6. I'd post, but I don't think I saved a picture of my bargains that day. Do you still have it? If you do, I'll share the dirty details! :)


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