Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kitchen tour- by Ms. Thang :)

Ms. Thang got an iphone from her dad (could you die? I could!) and did a little tour of my kitchen with the video feature. I'm pretty sure I need the iphone if only for the easy video access.
Anyway, here it is, hosted by my daughter :)


  1. Ms Thang wants me to note that she picked the flowers and poked her finger on a thorn, so you better love those best lol.

    Also, could you tell that I told her she could open the pantry if she wanted, but nothing else lol

  2. lol So cute!! She has the sweetest voice.

  3. I love your kitchen! I didn't hear her talk cause I'm at my dad's apt and as soon as I turned the volume up they all looked at me like TURN IT DOWN! lol So I'll watch it again later with the volume up.... I LOVE that picture of the crazy looking girl....

  4. OH And tell her to download the words free app and play scrabble with us!! My username is MrsPeralta hehe you can steal it from her and play with me!

  5. I love her cute accent. I also think its cool how she cares about the little details that you do, so sweet. Great choice on the flowers, hopefully it was worth the pain. =)

  6. She did a beautiful job! Super cute kitchen, but we already knew that!

    Oh, and those flowers are TO DIE FOR! :)

  7. Hey, Ms. Thang...I have a joke for you!

    What do police use to arrest pigs?

    HAMCUFFS! Get it???

  8. Thanks girls, she liked doing it so you will probably see more of it. :)

    Crystal, I painted that girl "Lemontine" awhile back.

    Katie, you just helped spread a lame joke to future jr high kids across the country lol

  9. Great hosting Ms Thang! I love your whole house but the kitchen is my fav:) The love you have for your family shows throughout your home and in the projects you want to do someday too!!


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