Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pin cushion and egg salad

I've been decluttering my kitchen all day. YUCKY! I only have the top cabinets and a few drawers done and I already have a box of items to donate. For some reason I had a plethora of measuring cups and spatulas. How many spatulas does one really need? I opted for 2, my fav and Honey's fav.

I made a few pin cushions the other day.

Super easy! Felt, colored thread, stuffing (from and old pillow in my case, but cotton balls would work) and a little creativity. I made two and they took me about 20min a piece. This one has a little blue tear drop that doesn't show up well in the picture. I've never done embroidery or anything like that, but it's basically like drawing a dotted line. If you can do that, you're good to go. The other cushion is an eyeball, (I was in a morbid mood apparently) but my son confiscated it as soon as I was done. I might make a whole face and add some magnets. That could be fun for the eraser board above his desk. I'll try and get a pic of that just as soon as I find my camera. :S

Back to the kitchen...I'm thinking of painting the inside of my pantry a fun color. Maybe a chartreuse? I probably won't, but I'm thinking about it.
I've been doing a pantry challenge (stolen from Money Saving Mom, but done more out of necessity) for almost a month now and it is sooo barren. Even my deep freezer is cleared out. It's going to be so fun to finally stock it all back up next pay day and this time of course I promise to go healthier. It's also nice to have room for all the coupon items that end up being bought in bulk and knowing that there isnt a ham from 2001 or a 15yr old can of beets lost somewhere WAY in the back is a nice feeling. It feels cleaner and fresher. I also had to cook some meals I had forgotten about like potato soup (it's been rainy so that was nice) and just plain ol' egg salad. I wonder what my ex-husband's Nana used to put in hers? It's the best by far, and I try and copy it, but it's just never as good. She always said it was all about cutting up the eggs super tiny which I supposed translates into more time and putting in more love. :)

I did finally perfect boiling the eggs. I usually over do them, but now I'm a pro. Thank you google. Now, bring on Easter!

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