Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mohawks and kitchen ideas

My little guy is rebelling a bit lately. I wonder if it has anything to do with me trying to teach him that we aren't equals and that he actually has to do what I say? I'm guessing that is the exact problem since he came to me earlier and asked for a specific age when he doesn't have to listen to me anymore. 18 dear son..I'm counting down the days here lately as well! (Proverbs 19:18 - Discipline your son while there is hope, And do not desire his death)

He got a hair-do this weekend to compliment his rebellious attitude. A SUMMER ONLY do...

I'm sure he'll have a tan head after a day at my in-laws house where he lives outside. He goes there tomorrow along with Cutecumber. I'm excited to spend some one-on-one with my oldest who comes home for a week from her Dad's tomorrow.

I've been thinking of doing a tour of my kitchen on video to add a little something different here. I just have to try out my cheap digital camera and see if it will work with the lighting I have. Usually it takes a pretty dark video, but if I open all the windows, maybe I can make it work.

Speaking of kitchens, like I always say on this type of picture post, some of these that I am about to show you have been filed away for years, others for days. Most I do not remember where they came from but if you see something here and you want credit, leave me a message and I'll do so and link ya!

Here are the pictures I have filed in a folder called Kitchen Ideas:

Saved this one because of the bunt pan display.

Love it because you can find these at thrift shops for cents, and with a can of spray paint, they will match any decor. I've got 3 saved, I'm just trying to find a Persimmon (fiesta ware) color spray paint.

Here, I loved the vibrant colors...

I actually dislike that back splash, with it's tiny and random pattern, but the fiesta ware really pops and that "eat" sign caught my eye. It's an interesting and cheap graphic. I think I went out and bought those 3 letters the day after I saw this, but I haven't done anything with them yet. They are still white. The look here is nice, but who needs 3 colanders and 8 pitchers?


is the stove of my dreams. There is a fridge in the same retro style and I will have them just as soon as I win the lotto. Rachel Ray has similar appliances in her TV kitchen..I don't really watch her, but I'll watch long enough to glimpse that fridge!

This is not my style at all, but look how they added feet to the bottom cabinetry. I love that! It really makes it feel like a piece of furniture to me. I plan to do this to mine. Someday...

I love the chalkboard on the pantry door, and the white china/pottery on the shelves. I try and mix this simplistic and clean look with a colorful and retro flare in my own kitchen. Right brain meets left brain. I love the inside of this pantry, no labels, all glass. It's disgusting how happy and calm this image makes me just to look at it. It would never work in my real life, but don't think I havent considered putting mac noodles in one glass, and the powdered cheese in another and discarding that ugly box. I know it's nuts...I still dream about it!

The dining area of my kitchen is really small, so I don't have a lot of room for a big china cabinet.

I love the built in shelving here. It would allow me to display, without the bulk of a piece of furniture.

and not related to kitchen, but I just found the inspiration picture for my Freddy Krueger medicine cabinet...

Super cute right?!


  1. I love the "eat!" sign... i've always liked stoves like that too... and can you imagine cleaning under those cabinets? the ones with the feet? I LOVE the chalk board on the pantry door!! Im stealing that... I wonder if its painted on or nailed?

  2. Cleaning around those cabinet feet would suck! I never thought about that. My friend did the chalkboard on her kitchen door and she just painted it on and then framed it out with moulding. You could probably paint it on and then liquid-nail a picture frame to the door.


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