Monday, August 30, 2010


Remember how I wanted to do these stripes?

Well, I did it this weekend!

(Ignore my undecorated table..fall is coming and I don't want to decorate it now just to change it in a a week or less because I seriously have the itch to bust out all my leaves and pumpkins that I've been collecting through the year.)

What do you think? I used the red from the robot on the scientists wall, and the green from the stripes on my kitchen wall. Once I got it up, it was so bright in contrast to the rest of the room. It looked very "primary". I decided to go over the whole section with a brown/black wash mix of acrylic and water. I just painted it on and dabbed/rubbed it with a dry cloth. It gave it a more rustic and dimensional quality that looks sooo much better with the rest of the room:

Btw, I hate the outlet/cable covers on the bottom shelf. I thought the pots would cover them more but they don't. :(

And just and FYI, I got that chrome/silver lamp (w/shade) at HH for $1. I want to get a new lampshade or spruce up the one it has. Any ideas? I need to pull some turquoise over there too. I was thinking of flanking the table with something on either side to give it more presence. Wish I could buy this listed on my local Craigslist but it's $245.

Isn't it pretty though? It has some Spanish style flare don't ya think? Especially with my splashes of turquoise.

Oh! and before I forget, a tip on taping off stripes. My walls are textured and anytime I do stripes I almost always get some bleeding under my tape. Well I was watching Color Splash (love David) and Danielle said that you can prevent that by using your original wall color (in my case the tan "wheat grass" and just brush on a light coat to seal the tape and prevent any leaks when applying your color on top. I didn't have much faith but it REALLY worked. I will do that forever and always now. I had zero touching up. ZERO!


  1. I was just talking to Lewis about painting over the tape with the original color so it doesnt bleed... He didn't get it... So I'll have to so him... lol

    What's HH!?

  2. The stripes look great. I wonder if you could get a small peice of white beadboard particle board adn just tack in behind the bottom opening and that would cover your plugs? I guess you would lose the color behind that does look nice. Or I was thinking you could paint a peice of wood the color of the wall and nail it in behind???

  3. I love that idea Deana! It is actually beadboard behind the drawer on that table so it would go really well.


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