Friday, September 3, 2010

Bundt beginnings

I started collecting bundt pans from thrift shops and garage sales as soon as I saw this about a year ago:

I only have a few because I want varying sizes and shapes. I plan to get more, but couldn't resist putting them up early after finding these hooks at the Dollar Tree.

They can hold up to 100lbs and I had been trying to figure out how to hold them up safely because some of mine are extremely heavy.

So here is the beginning of my bundt pan wall (ignore my popcorn ceiling, I am)

I hung mine through the center hole and they are up there really well. Eventually I'll hang more and move the picture frame. After taking these pictures I decided to switch the copper one with the pan above it because off-white and white were next to each other and I didn't like that. Now, in your opinion, should I leave some of them with the original patina? They are beat up and scratched a lot more than you can tell in the photo, but I can't decide if it gives it character or looks dirty and I don't really like "rustic" or "dirty" in a kitchen. I do plan on painting a few, like maybe a pale yellow, silver, possibly black. The colors are limited to what I can find in spray paint and I'll probably never be able to find the right orange/persimmon color and the one I did find is pretty close, but chipping and showing lots of silver patches. You can tell in the first photo along the edge of the pan. I also considered doing them in a giant circle, filled in with lots of different sizes. Thoughts?

Here are a few references to the rest of my kitchen: Video and Home Tour Challenge


  1. The first time you showed the pic, I saved it. I have a huge blank wall in the kitchen and I loved the idea. I'm jealous you've got a start. I haven't been able to find any pans.

  2. Looks great Angel!! Will you ever use them?

  3. That would be awesome if you could find different ones like in the inspiration photo. Are any of yours vintage like that? Also, if they are scratched.. TOO much.. then I'd paint them.. maybe paint only those ones, or if they are ugly then paint them too! lol

  4. Some of mine are vintage. The green and the orange two toned are. The green is cast aluminum (Northland)and I do love that two toned look. I need to post better pics of them. Maybe I will in a post soon. Thanks girls!


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