Friday, September 10, 2010

Failing at Fall

I'm not satisfied with my fall decor. What is the deal? It needs layers. Or maybe it's too dark and needs lightening up. Lets take a look at what I've got:

The whole enchilada...


I do love these two birds I got 75% off last year at Mardel though. Look:

I love an angry fat bird!

I also took a few things down to the lower shelf:

Sorry for the grainy photos. My battery is dying again and my camera is getting mentioned in every conversation that my honey and I have concerning Christmas gift ideas.

So what does it need? Is it too sparse or too cluttered? Are the heights of my small things too similar? Do I need some flowers or a cloth runner maybe? Ideas anyone?

Oh and look what happens when my camera comes out. HAMS!

Little Cutecumber playing chef for the camera. I had to ask a million times for her to move, and this is just one of 5 pictures. I spared you the extreme close-up nose shots. I finally got her to go by actually trying to take a decent shot of her in the hat.

The scientist had to get in on the action as well. Once again a shot of him in his underwear. I'm surprised the pizza guy hasn't turned us in to CPS for failure to provide proper clothing to our children. (and haircuts :S)

Note his new bedroom door decor. STOP, CAUTION! and crossbones. Thanks Honey for bringing those home. They really add to the ambiance in our home. (clearly sarcasm).

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