Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Virtual shopping

I'm shampooing the carpets today. My oldest is having her birthday "party" this weekend even though it's a whole weekend before her actual birthday on the 22nd. My youngest has a birthday in the same month, 28th (much to the dismay of Ms. Thang) so we put the celebrations as far apart as possible with Ms. Thang's being the weekend before her bday and Cutecumbers being the weekend after her bday. Now you know way more about the politics in this family than you ever wanted to. My point, which isn't even really relative (I'm realizing too late) is that I am shampooing the carpets for my daughter's party which actually only consists of a fun day of pedicures, dinner, and slumber party with her BFF so.. here comes the actual important and relevant part... I have free time while it dries to do a little local craigslist virtual shopping. You get to come with me, and if you're local and pounce before me, more power to you!

I really like this iron plant stand for $40.

Cleaned up, under my kitchen window with pink flowers and bright green sweet potato leaves dripping out. Maybe even geraniums which I think stink, but they'd look awesome with my red bench. :)
The only thing holding me back is that I kill EVERYTHING, but then again, half dead plants in this stand would look much prettier than half dead plants in a terracotta pot right? Depending on honey's paycheck tomorrow, it might be mine.

I think this coffee table for $30 would be AMAZING painted.

Those Xs under the glass are reminiscent of the lattice work in an English garden. It would be so pretty in a slightly distressed white. It reminds me of these tables from Pottery Barn:

Unfortunately my sofa only allows for a coffee table half that size.

How cute would these blue jean dishes be for a 4th of July table setting?

It reminds me of THIS. Too bad our 4ths are filled with plate breaking children.

Speaking of the hoodlums, I better get that other room done before schools out.


  1. The plates are kind of weird... LOL but the coffee table & the plant thingy are cute!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The plates are slightly red neck. You need to reach deep within your Tx roots Crystal lol


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