Thursday, September 16, 2010

Opinions please

If you haven't seen the plate/candle-sticks turned into cake and cupcake stands, then you haven't been looking at craft blogs for very long. I am just now jumping on the bandwagon to make my version for Cutecumber's up-coming garden tea party. I need a little help. I found the yellow and green plates at HH for cents, and the candle sticks at a garage sale for a quarter each, but I've seen some just like them at the Dollar Tree. I used that E6000 glue (thanks for catching the error Crystal) and fused those 3 pieces only so far.

As you can see I have temporarily set it up with a cute "dip" bowl on top and I think it matches the Garden Tea party theme perfectly and would look cute with crackers or veggies etc... This is how Honey and Ms. Thang have voted on how I should officially glue it. Here is a closer look at the little frog detail:

I LOVE it! I got this little bowl at Trade n Treasures for about a dollar. (Oh and see that plastic bag on the counter? It is full of potatoes that my grandma used today to make me super delicious jumbo homemade french fries. I love her a little more now than ever before lol)

So what is my dilemma if I have 2 votes for the frog dish and it fits the party theme? Well...I like the look of the plates so much I want to keep it for other future parties and if I set it up with the frog dish, it wouldn't fit other themes as much, although it would still look cool in my kitchen. So here are some other options I came up with.

How about skipping the glue and just setting the dish on top with dip?

Or how about this (my personal favorite) but it would have to wait until I found a similar plate because I am NOT gluing my Fiesta ware on here, no matter how cute.

I also have this other flower bowl which looks a little more plain without the frog, and something about the frog in a non-garden party setting grosses me out. Imagine the frog with queso and chips ..kinda eww right? Not that I couldn't use a skipped chip or two.

I could glue it up higher on the candle stick too, I just didn't bother with that for the picture. I also have to add that I don't like the sides of this bowl as much as the frog one. It looks more like a jaggedy topped white bowl than a flower in profile.

So what's the verdict? Make it more compatible with other party occasions, or keep it perfect for the theme of Cutecumbers 2nd birthday party which was the plan for it all along. Speaking of her, how cute is this?

Silly girl!

Oh, and almost as popular as the candlestick/ plate cake stands, are the candlestick/cheese dome cloches and I made another one yesterday.

I plan to use them at the party also, filled with cute little cookies or finger sandwiches. That pear and peach set inside are made of marble or some type of heavy stone. The Scientist is intrigued by them and I hope curiosity doesn't get the best of him.
Here is a shot of the little dude today, doing what he does..

That's all folks!


  1. She is SO cute!!

    And I'm SO jealous! I want the tier and I want it NOW Angel! That is such a GREAT idea... Actually today @ Target I saw one that I fell in love with but wasn't allowed to spend $12 on it... And now that I know I can make one!! I will!! Next time I go Thrift Shopping I'm gonna get my supplies...

    What's HH? And Trash to Treasure? I wanna go! LOL

  2. Oh and I LOVE the first set... with the little froggie.

  3. Man you wrote me a comment before I was done editing the post! lol Aren't they easy and neat? Google them and see how many cool ones there are out there. I've seen some done with clear plates and fabric/scrapbook paper on the bottom so you could basically do any kind of design you wanted. HH is Helping Hands, a local thrift shop, and so is Trash to Treasure.

  4. You'll have to find the glue cause I goggled e500 and a bunch of cars came up... LOL

    And I was coming to your blog to look at the silhouettes again, and I noticed the new post so I commented.. HEHE.

  5. Well I was totally off (no wonder I suck at math lol) It's E6000 and looks like this:

  6. Sheesh and it's Trade N Treasures not Trash to Treasure.

  7. LOL Trash to Treasure is a good name too!

  8. I think Trash to Treasure sounds better for the craft blog world lol.. :) I agree with Crystal.. The froggy plate on its own candlestick looks best.. :) MAYBE you could get some kind of putty to put under that frog that it's not permanently adhered to your yellow/green tier.. :) Then.. you wont be stuck with a frog trying to eat your queso & chips before you get any! :)

  9. And I like your cloches.. I have my own cheese dome.. but havent found the right looking bottom for it to make my own yet.. and I've been looking for over 6 months!! :( You guys are lucky with your TEXAS thrift stores lol.. EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas!!

  10. Cassandra I buy a cheese dome every time I see one at a thrift shop. You'll notice I have a whopping 2 of them. I used to see them more, but obviously everyone is catching onto my stolen craft ideas lol. Speaking of which, I like your putty idea!

  11. AND.. if you get some food coloring.. you can probably die the putty so it's close to that plate's color.. so no one will notice ugly gray/white putty!! lol

  12. i agree i like the first best...... what about the beautiful bowl set up on the third plate, kind of like a frame for it but it's not glued? idk....

    lol.... by the way. where is helping hands?

  13. I love the frog plate, its so cute. Can you get some sticky adhesive that you could use to keep the plate up there for the party, but then you could soak it and take it off. I know for scrapbooking they have some serious heavy duty glue dots and things like that, it might work depending on how much force you think people will use on the plates. If its just treats, I bet you could do a temporary adhesive that would work for the day, just a thought.

  14. Uhm, can you just come visit me in SC and cuten (is that a word?) up my house?? My gosh you're so creative!! I would never think of things like this. How do you do think of these things. Now I want a tea party. I'm so going to try to make one of those. ~Lin~

  15. Yes are you jealous that she showed me love? lol


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