Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well Katie was right! The checkerboard was painted on my living room coffee table.

I taped it off and painted it with straight acrylic, knowing it would come right off if I hated it and thinking I would seal it to make it permanent if I liked it. After it was finished, it was too perfect and I ended up sanding it up a bit and liked that look much better for my room..I think. I also free-handed a thin border around it because I thought the blank squares looked too unfinished without the defining lines. There is no finish to the wood table except stain and now I worry that putting a sealant will add a sheen that I don't know if I want. So I'm leaving it for now and thinking I might just go over it in a more permanent paint. But then I may not be able to sand it as much so I'm still undecided.

What I DO love is that it will be a really fun table for family, sitting by the fire during the holidays. I can picture it now and I am SO ready! Now I just have to come up with checker pieces other than nickels and pennies that the kids have been using. I'm thinking I may just make some out of wooden disks and paint. I've been needing Xs and Os for this tic-tac-toe set also and I just need to get the pieces and do them all together.

Anyway, here is the table with a little context from the rest of the room.

I like that it's giving a layered look without the clutter.

Tomorrow we dig all the Halloween decor out of the garage. I'll show you what we come up with. :)


  1. Great idea, looks wonderful. I would recommend trying the matte finishing spray. I used it on my wood photo blocks last year and you couldnt even see it there once it dries.
    Here is some info on it from the blog that had the instructions for the blocks.

  2. That looks great Angel! Good job. I do love the border around it! The whole thing looks as if you've had it forever!! LOVE IT!

    And I like your new blog design! It that your hand?

  3. That is a great idea Deana. I didn't even think of a matte finish sealant.

    Crystal it isn't my hand but I wish it was cause those pink dish gloves are cute!


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