Thursday, October 7, 2010


Cutecumber had a birthday...

It needs a post of it's own, but I'm still reeling in the "It's finally over and I can relax" phase.
I also need to show you guys the checkerboard and owl I did. Yeah, not in the mood for that right now either, but I hope to at least have it posted before Halloween. :)

In the mean time, let me tell you about my late afternoons. Everyday The Scientist and I try to come up with exciting things to do while we wait for Ms. Thang to get out of school. It's a good 20-30 minutes. Lately I've been giving him a pink puppy poop bag (I have a bazillion cause my dog refuses to poop anywhere other than our own back yard..well, there and the laundry room *sigh*) so the Scientist uses them for a litter scavenger hunt. Ex: Find something red; Find something round etc.. and he's even made a friend or two that join in, including the crossing guard whom I absolutely love. I adore both of my kid's crossing guards. The one at my son's school goes out of her way to say hello and smile at my kids every morning and every afternoon. As a matter of fact, today she let both Cutecumber and The Scientist hold her stop sign for a moment before crossing. Made their day! The crossing guard at Ms. Thang's school is always fun. Just this week, she's sported pink star sunshades, pink hair, and even a pink cape. I've seen her hand out water on hot days to her crossing kids and she even brought a frisbee for the Scientist and his friends to play with the other day.

Lately this has been the scene outside my passenger side window for the past couple of days

and sadly it's because there is an epidemic of speeders/texters/cellphone users in the school zones. Just the other day, the crossing guard was hit by a car that failed to stop. :( She was very fortunate and was not hit very hard, but it really made me stop and think about how lucky we are that the crossing guards are there. If they don't step out first and enter the walk before the children, think of how much danger our kids would be in. So I have 2 favors to ask of my readers today.
1. Please please please save those phone conversations until you are out of the car.
2. Thank your crossing guards! <3
And now that you've had your saftey tips for the day, let me leave you with one last warning. If you spend half an hour trapped in the van with your children, they may rub off on you!


  1. Last year Isabel & I were behind this little kid that was hit by a car... not badly but the crossing gaurd was already in the middle holding out the stop sign but the car was turning right.... it was our turn to cross obvously but the women turned right and the crossing gaurd got SO UPSET screaming at the lady... the little boy was scared but was ok....

    cant wait to read your birthday post and checker board post.... seriously... cant wait... lol

  2. I love it when the kids wear off on us. Makes me feel that much younger. :)

  3. there aren't crossing guards at the girls' school, yet the sooo very much need one. Traffic is crazy over there.

    Every time my father in law goes to the school he not only mentions the need for crossing guards there but also the need for security. Oh, and the last time he took Lauren to school he saw someone doing crack in the parking lot across the street from the school... lovely.

  4. our school doesn't have crossing guards either! and the dont have the flashing speed limit sign either so people go 40 during school hours EVERY day!! I hate it!!!

  5. I'm sad that you guys don't have crossing guards. The world need more!


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