Friday, October 15, 2010

Tar-jay Robots

I once heard a friend refer to Target as Tar-jay. She said it made the store sound french and fancy. I thought she was an idiot. Now I started saying it as a joke to make fun of her but it's so catchy that I am now one of those idiots that say Tar-jay. Even my Honey says it now, but he was an idiot before that. :P

I am so excited for Sat. to get here because Honey is off and I hope to get his help in the Scientists room. I want to find him a better desk, paint the inside of his TV cabinet doors with chalk board paint, and add another robot. Here is the one I have in mind.

The original that I stole somewhere off the internet:

And my modified version, I think I'll paint him green.

I think it looks better with the one he already has.

I rarely ever stick to the original draft cause of mistakes I end up working with, or whatever. We'll see how close I get :)

He has this bed spread from Tar-jay

And I am actually thinking of doing some peel and stick tile on his floor in light and dark gray stripes or checkers. Carpet is not working for a young boy and am betting it wont work out until well into his teens. I want something I can sanitize! Here is the look I am thinking of:

But all in peel and stick tile. It's cheap but easily covered with other floor options later down the road, so I can get a little wild with it to make it fun for him. I just want it to be something he will like as an older child as well. The wall can always be painted and the bedspread can easily change down the road. But where can I find a wide variety of peel and stick?

Anyway, those are a few ideas I had rolling around. Thoughts?

I sort of wanted to cut the each peel and stick and do a puzzle pattern like this:

But Honey said I was out of my mind crazy, so I guess that's a no. lol

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  1. I like the sticker idea....

    And I have traget saved as tarjay in my book marks lol


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