Monday, October 18, 2010

Brag blogging...

First of all, can I just say that I got up early, went with Honey to early vote, cleaned out and vacuumed the van, took 3 big trash bags full to Goodwill (cause I gave Ms. Thang a closet makeover and it looks fantabulous. I probably should have done a post on that. oops) worked out a bit (and talked to my mom on the phone without sounding too winded I hope) shampooed both the kids rooms and straighted up around the house ALL before noon!

I feel freakin great! I'm even going to tempt the kids with a trip to the park if they do their homework and chores fast enough.

Speaking of my kids, look at the spook-tacular wreath Ms. Thang made!

I provided the wreath and she just went to town with a few dollar tree items and a hot glue gun. Her first time believe it or not. Only one burn. ;) I kept trying to add in a few things but she was resisting my help the whole way. Honey was on her side too. I made these cool looking web/cacoon things that looked like wrapped up bugs or something to hang on the wreath. Ms. Thang refused to use them and Honey said they looked like web turds. Nice huh? But I have to admit, she didn't need my help. It looks great!

I also wanted to show off this eye chart I printed out for the Scientists room.

It reads "Gavin Reece Qualls is smart, rad, and awesome." cause he totally is. I embellished a bit on this idea: HERE. You can also see a cool light bulb candle I found a thrift shop (which he begs to burn almost daily and I won't let him) and a couple of the scientists collections. Bottle caps, and yes it's 90% beer caps but apparently alcoholics litter the streets with their caps more often. (I'm judging you with collected FACTS) And his other jar holds those colored size-rings off clothing hangers. Please tell me I'm not the only mom begging her child to get out from under the racks, and later making her son pull them all out of his pockets, forcing him to ask the cashier if he can have them. They always say yes, but it's stealing if you don't! He wants a giant ceramic animal to glue them all on someday. Preferably a standing dog. Budding artist or hoarder? What is your vote? lol

Also got these tiny tea cups (all three and a tiny pitcher) for a $1 at a garage sale and I'm thinking of stealing Cassanda's Idea and making them into pin cushions.

The letter "R" and pretty paper are going to be part of a wedding gift I hope. It's my first real decoupage craft so wish me luck on that. The tea cups are about the size of a quarter and the saucers about the size of..well imagine if the cup was quarter sized, then look at the saucer in relation to that lol. They really are cute though!

That's all folk, and I hope my good mood rubs off on ya! :)

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