Saturday, November 6, 2010


I can literally spend hours (and probably just did) looking at vintage jewelry on Etsy. Oddly, I don't really wear jewelry often. I rarely even wear my wedding ring. I wear things in spurts. Usually if I pick up a simple necklace, I'll wear it until I forget about it. I usually don't change it for weeks, sometimes months, and then I may not wear anything again for a long while. I do tend to wear seasonal or holiday items. I have a really great snowflake pin I wear during the winter season, and a pair of Avon pumpkin earrings that I recently sported while visiting Fiddlesticks Farm. But for special occasions, I love a fun vintage signature piece.

Here are a two that have caught my eye recently and would love to own:

This vintage Peruvian hot air balloon from Freshly Fig brings up colorful feelings of youth, and having a slight phobia of the big balloons themselves, wearing the tiny giant would also put a little *oomph* in my step for attempting to conquer my fears, even if it is in it's miniature form. lol

Freshly Fig also has this little bird piece. It's no secret that I absolutely adore birds, but even someone without a love for the creatures would fall in love with this sweet little necklace. The branch is so dainty and delicate. You'd have no choice but to feel pretty wearing it, and have nothing but good luck from the little hand carved turquoise bird.

Etsy is such a fun place to shop and get ideas. About a month ago I ordered a few things from the site and have been meaning to do a review on one of the items purchased. So while I have your attention...

Athena Creates makes a paper towel alternative called Bird-E Towels and they are fantastic! They come in an array of different colors, and are packaged up like a special little present just for you. I ordered 30 in yellow (pictured), and I love how I can leave them out on the counter and it still matches my decor.

I actually have a peeve with any print on my paper towels. I've yet to see a pretty print and only ever buy white. Sometimes, by accident (sent Honey to the store) I end up with an ugly printed pack and have to hide them inconveniently under the sink. I know, it's almost sick, but I don't have to worry about it with these! I really like them, and although I admit I still have a roll of Viva (all white!) paper towels on my counter, they last a lot longer with the Bird-E towels right there as an alternative. The biggest bonus? Every time you use one, you feel good about saving the earth! My kids feel proud using them too and the Scientist even asked for some for Christmas in blue to keep in his room. lol He may be onto something there. Not only is his room constantly needing "spill" assistance, but the gift idea...yeah, that might be something I'll keep in mind.

ps Gwen, if you are reading... open an Etsy store already! :)

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  1. Those are great necklaces! I like etsy to but I dont spend a lot of time there... lol Cause it's evil!


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