Monday, November 8, 2010


Ok, If you have me as a friend on Facebook then you know I'm supposed to be deep cleaning my son's bedroom and you may be thinking that I am ditching my duties and procrastinating. If that's what you're thinking.. You're right! :P

I have done a lot and needed a break and some fresh air. Oh, you thought fresh air meant outside air? Not when you've been on your knees, waist deep, sorting a 6yr old boy's toys and treasures. ANY air, away from there, is now considered fresh air.

I just sold his train table and accessories in less than 3 hours. I *heart* craigslist. I really do. I was sad to see it go, but the girl that came and picked it up for her son was so cute and excited and sweet.. I feel like it's really going to a good home. I'm feeling particularly attached to toys and their futures thanks to Toy Story 3 LOL..but seriously.

Loving the time change. I still can't believe it's only lunch time right now.

I've really been in the mood to craft, but I feel like I can't do anything until I get the house in "Holiday" mode. I'm not talking about seasonal decorations, I'm talking about everything else.

1. Out with the old and in with the new- Gotta make some room for those shiney new christmas toys!

2. Organization- put everything in it's place, and if it doesnt have a place, buy a storage solution with Christmas money! Last year the kids got a gift card from my dad and then another gift card from my Grandparents. Put it all together and I got this:

Well, I already had the doll-house shelf, but I bought the two flanking shelves and baskets. (I also lined the backs with Dollar Tree wrapping paper.) You might think it's a lame "gift" but the shelves are housing, almost soley, Christmas gifts from last year which I would have had to make room for by weeding out more of what they already had. It also really helps Ms. Thang out because she shares a room with Cutecumber and all these toys would have been cluttering their small room. Oddly Ms. Thang complains though, because SHE doesn't get to keep anything in the play room like the other two. Weird child I tell ya...

How did I get this side tracked? A few other holiday "Honey-Dos":

Get the fireplace clean and ready. I really want to spray the inside black with heat resistant paint and get a pretty fireplace screen. (That's another present hint Honey..)

Bring the long sleeves and sweaters to the fronts of the closets and make a mental note of what clothing items the kids need. That helps me with more gift ideas, because yes, I am the kind of mom that wraps up underwear and socks and puts it under the tree and in stockings. I do TRY and package them with something fun though so it takes some of the evil out of the evil genius I am.

Clean out the fridge (need room for that turkey!) I should do a post on how I clean out a fridge, but I haven't decided if I'm too embarrassed about the lack of greens and multitude of soda...

I guess I've wasted enough time. That's all folks!


  1. I love those shelves! I want to do something like that with the girls room. Right now all their stuff is in a big tub and i hate it cause i try to organize it but it doesn't last long. A shelf would be so much easier! I can't wait till the girls room is complete!

  2. I am so glad you have a terrific organizing gene..sooo not from your mother you asked me to bring you something from Austin? Well after work we stopped by Marshall's and I got you some colored pasta! Sorry not spiraled but bowties..but pretty sure you will not eat them but use for decor only..they are striped green and persimmony colored:) I would take a pic and post but they are in the truck already packed, we leave in the morning to go home..woohoo!


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