Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snakes and snails and candle pears

I bought a shadow box at The Salvation Army the other day. They have a new Target section, which is a room in the back filled with discontinued or damaged Target merchandise. I LOVE IT! I got the shadow box for $4 and they had a ton more. I should have bought more. Anyway, I used the shadow box frame and a few plastic "creepy crawlers" to make a cute little wall art project for the Scientist last night. It turned out so cute!

I just painted the back board grey, glued on the bugs (which are only a small portion of the critters the kids got trick or treating) and made little scientific name tags on the printer and glued those in place. SO EASY! I used silly names rather than real scientific names, which include things like Smurfity Coilus (blue snake) and Nosferatu for the bat. :)

I know this picture is not the best (so hard to photo the kids rooms with the window there) but I thought my little minpin Wednesday looked so cute posing there.

She's been sick lately, poor girl. I bought a can of Gravy Train food at the Dollar Tree because... well because I remembered the commercial from when I was a kid and impulse bought it and now my poor puppy is paying the price :(

Speaking of eating until you are sick, Katie sent me a present loaded with candy and a pear candle! It looks so good in my little autumn display don't ya think?

This is the one and only time it will be lit so I'm glad I got a picture lol. I would have taken a picture of the candy, but if you recall, I segued into this with "Speaking of eating until you are sick..."
Check out Katie and her wonderful quips, and words of wisdom @ Not so Much.

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  1. Love the scientist's project! Esp the!!


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