Friday, December 3, 2010

Mad.. not the angry kind.

These are things that are ridiculously over priced so I'll pretend to buy them for myself for Christmas here in a shameless display of greed and lunacy...

How beautiful! Just look at this soap dispenser! Shining like a diamond with it's classy clean and modern lines and even the soap in that shade of blue.. stunning! Oh to finally have a dispenser that isn't shaped like an animal or plastered with a tacky fish covered aquarium label.

I'll place it in my children's guest bathroom where it will never have a soap encrusted pump or dirty bubbly finger prints on the beautiful glass orb, embarrassing me and accusing me of waiting weeks..maybe months before I actually clean it off. And no, MY children would never abandon it while still turned upside down leaving a ooey-gooey soapy mess for mommy to clean.

And what is THIS?! A deep chocolate striped faux mink throw! It looks and feels just like the real thing!

I can't wait to place this at the foot of my bed where it would add a luxurious and elegant upscale feel to the master bedroom. It will class up the cheap simplistic comforter and tie together all my plastic white baskets filled with unfolded laundry expensive accessories. It wouldn't look out of place like Roman sculptures in a trailer park. Not at all.

Oh I do believe I've died and gone to heaven!

A 7 inch pumpkin cheese cake that no one else in the house knows about! Of course it will never be found by any of children and won't add a single inch to my waistline. I'll eat to my hearts content, one richly sweet sliver at a time.

Bleh... am I dripping with sarcasm today or what?

Sorry, Honey has been working extremely long hours and I'm in need of an escape. Lately, I've adopted my children's mentality rather than influencing them to take on my more mature characteristics.

Just today I almost had my son convinced that girls never poop. When he insisted that they did, I told him that boys pooped stinky smelly poop and girls went poops, which was completely different from boys poop because poops were cute and scented like cotton candy. He was so close to believing me it... then Cutecumber blew out her diaper.

Maybe no post would have been better than

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  1. LOL @ the poops.

    I made a pumpkin cheesecake, but I thought it was gross so I threw it out... I could make you a 7 inch regular cheesecake! My cheesecakes are heaven! Except when I forget to put an egg or two and it looks like melted marshmellow... :) I lOVE CHEESECAKE!


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