Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas-New Year- Family

Finally the Christmas bug has bitten me. I've been feeling a little blue for no particular reason, just more of a sadness that I wasn't super happy about Christmas like I usually am.

I'm not sure what put me in the mood, but a good start was that my Honey was off yesterday and we had a particularly great time. We've been very much in love lately. I'm actually writing a short little love story based on "us" and needing a few details about his life to fill in blanks has really brought us closer.

I also finally got around to watching The Gospel of John and the prayer Jesus says right before they come to take him just resounded in my heart, and looking over at my Honey with a tear in his eye at that same time just sealed the Christmas deal for me.

My son has really been a joy and blessing lately. With Cutecumber demanding so much attention, and Ms. Thang in the throws of puberty, her sudden and dramatic changes shadow a few of the subtle ones that the Scientist has been going through. One of his top teeth is about to go. I'm excited but sad. He will look so different once he gets those top two teeth! The baby in him is almost completely gone. I've been holding him a lot more, his legs hanging over the arm of the recliner, looking extremely awkward, but I can't help myself. I know by the end of this next year I won't be able to do it anymore and I'm just taking it all in. The bond with a son is so different isn't it? I've been trying to freeze a few of these moments in my mind forever, like his odd collections I posted before. I really love this 6yr old boy and how perfectly 6 he is.

The new year is here. 2010 held a lot of ups and downs for us but we weathered well. Honey losing his job seems like a minor little trip up now that we can look back on it.

I'm thankful that I can buy cookie dough to bake with the kids, hot chocolate to drink by the fire, gas to go looking at Christmas lights, and I do enjoy all those things, but this year those are not the things that gave me the Christmas spirit. This time it was just taking a moment to be thankful for this gift of life, a chance at salvation, and the blessing of a wonderful family to make my life here so much more fulfilling.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Aw. You made me cry! And a little scared! Sudden changes with Miss Thang?! I look forward to having a boy some day!


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