Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bedroom makeover in the works

I got a new corner desk from Target for Christmas.

It's this one, but was actually down to $77 for a short time and I ok I bought it myself! lol

This is currently our corner desk area:

It's small but it has to be. It has really worked out great in this spot, but when we (by we I mean Honey) put it up, we did it fast out of necessity and really neglected a few things.

-badly placed middle shelf ran right into the light switch so I couldn't put moulding on it and Honey had to cut the corner off. (We have a lift-top printer..oops)

- Quick sanding job made for an uneven surface. I can't write anything on it or it looks like an 80yr old filled out my checks.

-No surface area. I do everything on those two little end corners. It's sad really.

-Cords..still working on a way to hide those better this time around.

-See through storage- hate it. Didn't think that through.

-yoga ball chair, fun for awhile but now I want something with a back on it!

So this area is getting the most TLC during the mini make over.

I found these drawers at Goodwill for $5.

Brand spankin new, hadn't even been labeled yet. I'm still reeling over this find. I first saw similar storage on the Pottery Barn website WAY out of my price range. **funny thing, the cashier mentioned something about the manager overpricing stuff as she rung it up and I was like "shh! They might hear you and change the price..PUT IT IN THE BAG!"lol

Another major part of this bedroom makeover is PAINT! It needs it so badly. I have dings and scrapes all over, not to mention the area that the kids have started peeling under the desk area. I'm going with a similar color to what we have already, but toning it down a bit and going a tad more gray so it isn't as "baby blue". The colors are called Teton Sky and Stone blue.

Yes, two colors because on the wall behind the bed I'm doing horizontal stripes! I think it's going to look so awesome! The whole room will be the lightest shade, and the stripes on the accent wall will be in the other shade, one shade darker. Here is my inspiration. LOVE IT!

Click HERE to see the difference the stripes made. My furniture is similar to this room actually.

And one last thing I'm doing is a fake-out chunky baseboard which I'm copying from HERE.

I can't wait to show you the true before and afters! Hope the weekend goes smoothly and I can post the new room on Monday!


  1. noooooooooooooo not our beautiful desk!!!!!!!!!! lol...... i totally tried to copy your room. you can't change it because i know i'll love it and dh will hate me for good ;) can't wait to see the after pics!

  2. To hide the wires.... Maybe you can leave the wires where they are now but add a flat board covering the corner?? kwim? so that way the wires are hiding behind the board and you can see them... but put the board on hooks so you can move it if you have to unplug something? LOL idk

    love your ideas though!

  3. I actually like yours better than mine. It was never done right. We totally rushed it. I hope the revamped "office" looks as good as it does in my head. I'm a little nervous!

    I like your idea to hide the wires. I had considered something similar but couldnt figure out how to get it to stay but still be removable. I think the hook idea is great.


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