Sunday, December 5, 2010

Marker Tales

Marker story #1

My mom made a mixed CD for Ms. Thang featuring songs from the 70s and it was adored for years until her granddaughter discovered Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers.

The scientist inherits a portable CD player and scours the house in search of discarded music. I gave him a CD of "soothing sounds" that came free with Honey's hotel room on his last business trip. I also let him have the Similac Lullaby disc that came home from the hospital when Cutecumber was born. But then, he discovered a stash of forgotten CDs under his sisters bed.

He was drawn to the 70s CD over all others in his stolen stash. After hearing it played and sung over 500 times in a 2 day period, I realize he favors one song in particular.
That's the way I like it by KC and the Sunshine band.

Today I was picking up a few things (2 weeks worth of socks and a banana peel) in his room and decided to look through his stack of CDs making sure he wasn't ruining anything of great importance when I saw the 70s cd. Scrawled across the face of it was "Scientists Favrit songs" (the r was backwards) in big bold black marker.
Wonder how long until Ms thang notices and retaliates?

Marker story #2

The other day we finally wrapped some presents while the children were away and put them under the tree. The scientist came home, slid on his stomach across the floor and dove head first into the pile and started counting.

"Dad, tell me some of the stuff I got. PLEASE!!!" He begged.

"You got a box of Capri Sun! You are going to love it. It will be just for you. Well...until someone gets thirsty but they have to ASK you first. "

"Ha!" he said, "I KNOW you're lying DAD! Juice is NOT a gift you give for Christmas. I bet there isn't even a present with that shape under the tree. I'm going to look right now!"

Subsequently there WAS a present shaped just like a Capri sun box.

He is still really mad about it. I'm sure of it because today as I was giggling over his name claim on the 70s CD, I went looking for the marker before he did anymore damage and found it laying on the desk, right next to a fresh new message written directly on the desk top.


Marker story #3
(No this is not another from today. He'll never see another marker for the next 10 years. This one is a bit older but still cracks me up.)

The scientist was about 4yrs old and my grandfather was visiting, doing what he does best, TEASING the crap outta my kids. (my grandchildren are doomed, just like my children, as the teasing is a favored past time on both sides of my family) A few days before, at his birthday party, the Scientist had received a robot shaped pillow that made noises and lit up. He was showing it to my grandpa and the convo went something like this...

"Look at my new pillow Grandpa!"

"Oh that isn't your pillow. It's MY pillow. You can hold it for now, but I'll be taking that with me when I leave."

"NO! It's not yours! I got it for my birthday!"

"That's right, I got it for my birthday. I guess I left it here. I'll be sure and bring it home to my house today."

This goes on for some time until the scientist runs to his room screaming "IT IS NOT YOURS! IT'S MINE!"

Grandpa has a victorious fit of laughter.

Soon the scientist is back, (they can never stay away for long can they?) with the robot behind his back and HUGE smile across his face.

Grandpa says "Oh! I see you've brought my robot back to me."

"No, it's MY robot and I can prove it."

Thank goodness the next few moments happened in slow motion so I can remember every detail for as long as I live.

The scientist slowly pulls the robot from behind his back with his name written in GIANT letters across the pillow, The first letter starting at the eye and the last ending on the robots foot. Black. Permanent. Marker.

"See my name right there? TOLD YOU it was mine!"

The horror on my grandfather's face, knowing full well that he was responsible for this ... PRICELESS!

One more quickie..
Marker story #4

The scientist is constantly asking to use a little electric trimmer to shave his arms or legs.

"Please can I do it. I just want to see if it hurts."

"NO! Don't ask me again. If I EVER find out you were playing with it, you'll be in so much trouble you'll beg me to ground you for life instead cause it would be so much BETTER than the punishment you'll get!"

The threat wasn't harsh enough to keep him from using the trimmer to shave most of the hair off one arm, but it was threatening enough that he used a marker to draw hair back on.

Sharpie- creating so many messes and so many memories.


  1. OMG Angel. You just made my day! I needed a good laugh... Isabel keeps looking at me weird asking me, "What's so funny about your laptop?" Those are SO FUNNY!!!!


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