Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh yeah and...

This was the best dollar I ever spent.

None of the clothing.

No, not the purse either.

The hook! (I actually got 4 for a dollar in the dollar section of Target.) I put it on the inside of my closet door.

Now, you're about to learn a bit of an embarrassing fact about me so that I can tell you why this is the best dollar I ever spent. The story is...

I'm a gum consumer. I actually EAT (and swallow) gum. All the time, everyday. I should probably be on one of those new crazy obsession shows but hey, it's gum! It's not like I eat toilet paper or laundry detergent (these are actual episodes) because gum is meant for consumption. Don't tell me it sits in my stomach for 7 years either. It doesn't, K?
Anyway, that brings me to my point. I have an array of different gum brands (up to 5 packs) in my purse at all times and the kids are aware of this. Anytime we smell something sweet or fruity one of the kids says "It smells like mom's purse!" And ya know, a purse could smell worse!

Lately, a certain toddler has become Little Ms. Grabby Gum McGrabberson and I've found my purse dumped over and a wrapper trail leading to her bedroom. So this is the best dollar I ever spent because little hands can't reach my purse and my gum is mine ALL mine!

and..I'm totally showing off my organized closet.


  1. I don't want the gum - I want the giant hershey kiss that you're stashing in there! ;)

  2. i want your closet!!!!!! how darn clean and nicely organized to color...... shee wow wow! oh and i cracked up on the gum grabber. oh i have one too....

  3. LOL I have those hooks... I put one I isabel's wall for her back pack... It's already falling off... :(

  4. You probably need to use wall anchors. I hate that they are such a pain to put in, but in the long run, they really work.


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