Monday, January 24, 2011

Epic Failure

I know what your thinking? Epic failure? Not Angel, never! But yes it's true. I figured it was about time you all learned I wasn't perfect!

I've hinted though haven't I? Telling you all I can't cook which is absolutely true. As a matter of fact I was on the phone with my Grandfather once, forgetting I was about to make some pasta. I smelled something burning and my Grandpa, who knows I can't cook, made the statement that I could burn water. The truth at that moment was: I had started water for pasta, and let it boil away into nothing. Of course I didn't mention that! Are you crazy? I'd never live it down! Anyway, my epic failure also involves the oven, but this time I prove that, not only can I ruin food with it, I ruin hair bows!

Katie over at Sack of Potatoes , showed us how to make some awesome korker bows. I decided it was time to try it out and make a few Valentine bows for Cutecumber. I actually talked to her on the phone (she had just went to a Goodwill and promised to blog about her finds *hint, hint*) and I got a more specific "recipe" for the korker bows.

"Use grosgrain ribbon, wrap it around a wooden dowel (or plain pencil) and bake at 325 for 5-10 minutes."

"It's SO easy" she says.

So I find a few dowels in my ribbon box, wrap my ribbon around them, pinching the ends with wooden clothes pins as Katie had suggested. I had a pair of St.Patrick's Day bows from Target that had come undone last year and decided to try out a few of the rickrack pieces from those. I never throw out ribbon. Although these had the same lines as grosgrain, with only a slightly satin sheen, these were NOT the correct kind of ribbon. I repeat, they were NOT the right kind of ribbon.

I put it all in the oven, and waited for almost 10 minutes. That's when I started to smell something like a melted crayon and decided that obviously they had been in there long enough.

This is what I found:

Of course I like to look for a positive, and prefer to think of this as a newly discovered way to strengthen a wooden dowel with melted ribbon coating. LOL Can you believe that? The rest of the ribbon turned out fine though, but I took this as a sign to quit for the day. lol

I did make these before the baking fiasco though. Aren't they cute?

Ms. Thang also made a few of her own. She's really been into the flower thing and recently said it will become her signature fashion statement. (No she doesnt watch Sex and the City lol) She made 3- a white, a purple zebra print, and a sun flower. (flowers are 50% right now at Hobby Lobby, and I got the pink ones @ Dollar Tree)

She's already had her step-mom try and borrow one which made her day. The ultimate compliment. :)


  1. Wow! Ms. Thang is a natural! That flower looks super cute on her! Maybe I could give her the recipe/instructions and she could teach you how to make korker bows sometime! Ha!

    I have a deal for you - since I *LOVE* that pink bow you made, how about you make me some of those and I'll make you some korkers?!!?

  2. I love the flower bow you made, super cute. It is funny how sometimes the things that seem easiest turn out to be a chanllenge.

  3. Katertot- HECK YES!

    DeanaJ- So true..story of my life lol


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