Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

A fact you may know, but I need to repeat for this tidbit I'm about to tell you, is that for the first 2 years of Cutecumbers life, keeping shoes on her was an uphill battle. Another fact you may know, but I am going to point out anyway, is that Cutecumber is only 2 yrs old. For those that aren't catching on here, wearing shoes has been an issue for HER ENTIRE LIFE, thus becoming the bane of my existence.

There is only one 10 minute window where she is happy in shoes, even loving them. She actually leaves them on during the ride to the Scientist's school, all the way until we are back in the van with her brother in tow and then *plop-plop* they are off.

Why does she leave them on for this one short trip? Because of the crossing guard! I know I've mentioned my love for our two CGs. Actually now that Kaitlyn left, (whom I talk a bit about HERE) I am really only close with one. Not only is she super duper nice and wonderful, but sometimes she is the ONLY adult interaction I have for the entire day. Sad? YES but it's a fact. I'm not really the kind of mom that hangs out with the other moms in front of the school. I'm extremely shy.

For the first couple of days into the new school year, Cutecumber refused to wear her shoes. It was summer, it was hot, and she was small. I opted to choose my battles and this wasn't one that needed to be fought, so I carried her and her little bare feet.

"Well hello beautiful! Where are your shoes?" the crossing guard said pulling one of Cutecumbers exposed toes as we passed her by. Cutecumber, not warming up to anyone quickly, lowered her brow, analyzed the CGs face and intentions, then stared at her own bare feet until we were back to the minivan.

As the week progressed, the gray-haired lady with the big sun hat questioned Cutecumber about her shoes every day. By the end of the second week, Cutecumber asked me if she could walk across rather than being held.

"No sweetie, you didn't want to wear your shoes and the road is hot. Maybe next time you will wear your shoes."

Monday came and before we left Cutecumber brought her shoes to me.


I was surprised. I put her shoes on, left for the school, and was shocked again to see that the shoes were still on her feet when I opened the door to unfasten her car seat.

She grinned at my surprise. She's a smart little thing and anticipated the reaction.

I picked her up out of the van and before I could shut the door she shared another of her eloquent one worders.

"Down" she said, gesturing that she wanted to walk.

Hand in hand we went to the cross walk.

"Shoes" she said beaming up at the crossing guard.

"And aren't those some pretty shoes too?" she said making Cutecumber beam from ear to ear.

From then on she has always worn them and the crossing guard even gave her a little nick name as the year progressed.

"Hey Shoes! How are you doing today?"

Cutecumber now enjoys shoe shopping. She owns a glittery pink pair of converse, 2 pair of light up shoes, a pair of pink cowboy boots, rain boots, and many more. ALL because she wants that big reaction from the crossing guard. The anticipation of wearing new shoes and seeing what the CG will of the highlights of her little life. lol

Only recently did the CG ask me "What is her real name anyway?" and after hearing it just once, had it memorized.

Without this shoe ritual and hearing "Have a great weekend!" every Friday, my week would be a little less bright, a little less happy. Not having a lot of people in my everyday life really helps me appreciate the ones that go out of their way to say hello.

Who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day... :)

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  1. aww i love it! we have two really great ones also and they really do brighten up a day!


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