Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick nothings

Bedroom painted and desk area done. It looks fab! Cutecumber spilled a gallon of white paint on the carpet (yes seriously) so I skipped a bit of touch ups for now because after that clean up, I don't want to see any white paint for a long, LONG time. Mainly I just needed to touch up my fake-out chunky base boards (which I love) but realized since I have textured walls, I really need to smooth the faux part with putty and paint, but yeah.. long LONG time until I bring a gallon of paint in the house.

Also can't take pictures because there are piles of laundry on my bed. I'm still playing catch up from the holiday break and the weekend it took to paint the bedroom, and then just a lot of random things that kept me from it. It's nice to have a choice of clothing other than the jeans and t-shirts I was rewashing over and over!

I also want to wait to take photos until I get a new computer monitor because my nice big flat panel screen went out :( I forgot how big and bulk (yet tiny little screen) the old monitor was until I had to pull it out again as a temporary fix. It takes up all the new wide open desk space I finally achieved and reduced it to less than I had before. In an ironic twist, my grandmother bought me a new monitor for Christmas not knowing that I already had one and I returned it and bought Honey an Ereader thingy. Sigh..maybe I can find something on craigslist, otherwise I may be waiting until the income tax check comes in.

Speaking of that, I have a million dollar plan for that check. lol

I want to make an extra house payment and bulk up the savings a bit.

get bunk beds for the girls room, they also need new closet doors (did I mention the scientist shattered one of the mirrored doors?) and Ms. Thang is already asking for a new paint scheme in turquoise and red. She always picks the loudest colors!

get rid of the Scientists carpet (thinking of peel and stick until he is old enough to care for new carpet) in a parkay type design. I don't know yet. I'm still undecided. Where can I look at a large variety?

Pay someone to haul off the pile of "tree" in the back yard (cut that down..hmm..was it 2 yrs ago now?) ugh

....and about a million other things, but these are just MY plans. I'm sure Honey has a million dollars worth of alternative plans. lol

Want to see the Craigslist options I have for bunk beds?

At $75 these are definitely in my price range, but black? Can I make that work and do I really want to paint them? Black is so hard to cover, and there are a million little parts.

These are the ones I truly LOVE and want, but $850...probably not gonna happen. :(

There are quite a few oak colored beds similar to the white one pictured, but not with the dresser and in the 500-700 range. Still a bit on the high side for me. There is also a primary colored metal set for $160, but I'd have to spray paint it and at that price I'd probably just go with the simple black set above, which I emailed about and still haven't heard anything so it's probably gone. So just cross your fingers and toes that the white set I love will still be there when the check comes in and I can talk them down at least a little bit, or something better comes along between now and then.


  1. While I like the desk and the drawers on the white set, I actually prefer the black. I think it would contrast nicely with turquoise and red. :O)

  2. when Ashley was little we got her a loft bed with a desk, book cases and a dresser underneath it, it was so great for keeping her room neat :) I was going to get her bunkbeds since her friends were over all the time, but the loft worked well for Ashley...I like the simple lines of the black one, the white one is nice with tons of storage and multiple uses, such a hard choice lol...on a side note my daughter wants her room in turqoise and purple lol, I have no idea how to make it work lol


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