Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stripes in the bedroom

Here is a quick peek at the new paint in the bedroom:

Did stripes on the wall behind the bed. I worried they looked too nautical, but now that it's all coming together, I really like them and think they add a lot more to the room than a plain ol' wall would. :)

Also did the fake out chunky baseboards all around the room:

Few before and afters, you can better tell the paint change here:

I still need to hang a large mirror opposite the bed, and I'm waiting on the new monitor before I post the office nook. I also want to move the mirror hanging on the closet door, but not sure where yet. The master bath door won't close right with it there. hmmm.... but I'm really happy with the results so far.

Little breakdown of what you're looking at-
Cream blanket/comforter- Gift from Grandma a few years ago

Faux mink throw at the foot- Christmas gift from my brother-in-law

Pillow cases and decorative pillows- part of a set from Target where the comforter only lasted a week until I washed it and it shredded into tiny threads. >:[

Paint colors and paint are the cheap stuff from Walmart. Only took one coat because the walls were already a similar color

chunky base boards for the whole room- $14 ..still can't get over that. I think they made a drastic impact too. More on that when I reveal the other side of the room.

bouquet on the tall chest of drawers- cotton picked by my Honey while he was out on a location for our 7th anniversary which he had to work late on. <3

2 art pieces above the bed- Mothers day gift 2 yrs ago that I hinted heavily for :)

flower pieces on the wall by my lamp and mirror above and vases on the tall dresser- thrift shops, less than $5 for it all.

I hope to do a more "put together" post later, but I just couldnt wait to show SOMETHING!

**had to quickly change my background because the old one expired. Picked the first thing I saw and I kind of like it! Must be Ms. Thang influencing me with her turquoise and red phase. I might have to make a fabric banner for their room like the one at the top of the page.

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  1. I absolutely love it! Your bedroom looks like it came straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog!
    Beautiful job!


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