Wednesday, February 23, 2011

He amazes me

The Scientist has befriended the new girl at school. I'll call her "cute cheeks" for this story. :)

Everyday after school, the Scientist goes out of his way to say goodbye to this particular girl. Now, he is not usually so suave with the ladies. As a matter of fact they usually swarm him with goodbyes and he ignores every single one of them, or grunts a goodbye in their general direction as he starts telling me about all the cool things he found on the playground that day. They love him though. Guess that attraction to the boys that ignore you starts really young. lol

Cute Cheeks came into his class just after Christmas, I believe it was, and right away I noticed how the Scientist was particularly nice to her.

"Bye CC!" He yells as we walk along the cross walk and she seems surprised every time. Shyly, she will say bye back and smile. We always seem to be crossing at the same time.

"You like CC don't you?" I asked as every prodding mother would do.

"Yeah, but just as a friend cause I'm still marrying Tyler (Ms. Thang's bff)."

Everyday, it's been the same thing, he says hi loudly, she seems surprised, and then shyly says so back, but yesterday it went down like this...

We were just stepping on the curb after crossing the crosswalk to get back to the van when I saw a little finger come out from behind us and poke the Scientist on the backpack. He didn't notice (gabbing about how awesome he is because his teacher just informed me that he is the top reader in the class WOOT WOOT!) so I said, "Hey, did someone just poke your back pack?"

"Huh?" he says and as he realizes it was little Cute Cheeks he turns to her and says her name in a teasingly angry voice, and she just BEAMS from ear to ear.

"She's starting to not be as shy around you anymore." I noted aloud to him as I loaded Cutecumber into her car seat.

"Yeah, I've been working on it. Being the new kid is hard ya know? And besides, she IS the funniest kid in the whole class and I NEED those kinds of friends."

He amazes me. :)

Just so I keep things in perspective though, the other day as I was shopping for shampoo, I mentioned that his hair was looking a little dull lately and he loudly announces for the whole world to hear, 'Oh, that's because I haven't washed it with shampoo since I was like 2."

As soon as he saw my face he back pedaled the comment with a "I'm just kidding!" and of course I was still washing his hair up until he was 5, but we know there is some truth to that statement.

Like I said, he amazes me. lol


  1. How super sweet is he??? He's got such a big, loving, adorable, witty heart. :)

  2. I hope my son is as cute as yours!!!

    If I ever get one... lol

  3. He is such a cutie, I love how they really think about love at this point. Bryce has been having some heartbreak on the playground, I know it shouldn't make me laugh but its pretty funny stuff.


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