Saturday, February 26, 2011

It all comes out in the wash.

See this washer and drier here?

They seem perfectly fine, but looks can be deceiving. The washer was a quick (cheap) emergency purchase when our old one went out. I learned a lot about buying appliances that day.

*Look at everything! Who knew that hot/cold options are not standard on every washer? I learned the hard way and had to manually turn the faucet behind the machine to adjust the correct temperature for each load.

*Bleach/liquid dispenser-also optional and not standard. I had to add bleach into an empty "small load" after it was filled with water, making sure it's mixed through and then adding all the clothing and turning it to "large load" each and every time. Yeah, totally worth saving the money I could have lost on the model next to it for $20 more had I taken 2 seconds to look...

I'm starting to get angry all over again, lets move along.

The drier is actually an older higher-end machine, handed down from my in-laws. It still runs like a dream, but the inside "fins" have all broken off. 2 were gone when I got the machine, and the last one bit the dust shortly after. Seems like it wouldn't be a big deal, except those "fins" are there to continually toss the clothing around and without them, you get a nice, solid, tightly packed burrito of wet clothing that never dries. I used drier balls which helped some, but I still had to stop it every 15 minutes, unravel the ball of wet clothing, and start again.

But on Friday, things changed! The heavens parted and angel's sang...

I can do a double sized load in half the time! and as an added bonus, IT BABYSITS!

I'm pampering them and using name brand detergent. They deserve it after all.

The skinny little Puerto Rican kid that did the install... adorable! He was friendly and talkative too. I pretty much got his whole life story, my favorite topic being his overly superstitious family back home, particularly his grandmother. She cried and told him to move out of his apt upon seeing a picture of him standing in front of it because it was bad luck and she would not eat until he moved! Why? Because "It's bad luck to walk under a stairs and she toll me I risk my life going in my door under the stairs ebery day and ebentually she would get a call that I was dead!" He also said she watched a movie about the end of the world and thought it was a documentary and told him it was really happening. "I says, Grandma, that movie says the world ended in 2009! It's 2011 today! It didn't habben! We are still alive! And jew know what she says to me? She says that I am to young to argue wiss her and too blind to see it. She is crazy."

He was awesome, and because of him, I've been revisiting that part of my brain where I stored Spanish II from high school and now say Tengo que lavar mi ropa instead of "I need to wash my laundry" and it really spices up the phrase making it suitable for my sexy w/d duo don't ya think?


  1. Be sure to only use the HE laundry soap.... They look great! And a lot like mine!! They're amazing, you'll love them! I keep the washer door open when not in use because the water that gets trapped in the rubber part can start to stink REALLY bad and you'll hate your new washer... My grandma keeps a small hand towel folded over the top part of it to keep it from closing and even hand dries all the water out of the rubber part....I did that but don't have time every time.... lol

    And if you buy the dryer thing that sticks to the metal in the dryer.... good luck getting it out! I had to rip mine out & left yuckiness behind yes i know there are refills.... lol

  2. What a beautiful set!!! I am so excited for you.

  3. How fun! You can use your homemade laundry soap- just use 1/4 C.

  4. Too funny! My kids would probably sit & watch, too, lol!


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