Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Baskets for the kids

I really want to include a hand-made item for each kid this year and when I came across this cute idea @ Gluesticks I knew I wanted to make one for Cutecumber's basket.

Aren't they cute? Here is my take on the color game:

I need to get a better pic when the natural light is better, showing off their cute little headbands and hair. So sweet! I want to name each one myself. lol I might have to persuade Cutecumber a bit. I mean look at that Orange one. Is she not a Sophie?!
I got the wooden pegs and pots @ Hobby Lobby. I still need to spray them with a clear coat to protect the paint tomorrow and I think it will really make them look finished and bring out the colors. It was so seriously E-A-S -Y!

I bet you know someone that needs a set of these don't ya? Get crackin!


  1. These turned out SO darling!! I can see the little bows in their hair, even with the darker lighting, and I think they look great! Thanks for linking back.


  2. Those came out so cute. I wish painting was my talent. I realized it was sad when Bryce's artwork started looking better than mine this year. I guess its good there is hope for my kids to not be art challenged.

  3. I made a set of these awhile back too! I didn't paint any faces or anything...just kept them as coloful pegs. Yours turned out adorable and I bet Cutecumber is going to LOVE them! I know they are very well loved in my house - even by Small Fry!


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