Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MY Easter Basket

What would I want in MY Easter Basket? (besides loads of candy)....

This pretty ceramic egg crate from Anthropologie. If I got one, I'd only get farm fresh eggs and never get them in those horrific earth-enemy styrofoam crates (earth enemy=opposite of earth friendly) ever again.

*note there were no promises made in the above statement

A small framed print of Eggs of Two Dozen Birds to put in the corner desk area of my bedroom. They had this print at Target for a short time. Pretty PLEASE (with sugar on top) can it show up in the Target section @ my Salvation Army? If not, I might make my own using free vintage egg printables from the Graphics Fairy .

A set of these spring-inspired magnets from Gwydion's Garden on Etsy, also for my desk area. They make my current magnets (pastel high-gloss squares) look cheap and dorm-ish. I absolutely love that nest one, therefore making it the first to end up in the toilet or crammed into playdough if I did get this set.

I'd love one of these glass bird bud vases from Pier 1 to set on my kitchen window sill and display the dandelions and purple nightshade the kids bring in during the summer. Cutecumber has been known to bring me a few of the neighbors pansies as well, which I throw back in their flowerbed..like it helps. :S

And I could put it all in a beautiful picnic basket which I would use a lot over summer vacation and possibly on our big vacation trip to the Grand Canyon (if I get my way) in June.

It's nice to dream, but realistically, for Easter I'll get to hang out in the kitchen making a colorful egg salad that nobody really wants to eat, a few presentable pictures of the kids,out of 30 or so forced poses, followed by a free ham dinner at my IL's (where things start looking up) and I'll lay down in bed that night, thankful that I have a chance to be with this crazy bunch in the after life thanks to Jesus Christ. <3

What would you put in YOUR Easter basket?


  1. LOL. It's not gonna happen!! Seriously though, what you said about being Thankful... I'll just be so happy that I have Isabel that weekend & we are all going to be together.


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