Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Birthday Post

I've already spammed most of you on FB so here is a quick review (out of order too) on the Scientist's 7th birthday party. The theme was Legos:

This is the birthday boy with his 7 candles (That's me lighting them, and Ms. Thang in the corner). Somehow I only put 6 and he had to tell me he needed one more. I guess subconsciously I want him to stay little forever. Well, lets get real, it's not so subconscious, I would tell you out loud too lol

For the table runner, I used a green table cloth (not unfolded all the way) and then Ms. Thang and I used green craft paint and a couple of candles (emergency stick candles) and stamped on dots to give it a lego look. I also printed out some lego heads and wrapped the plastic ware for a special touch.

This banner hung above the chalk board and it turned out so cute. Each dot was hand cut and put on with a double stick square from the Dollar Tree. I got the back of card stock in varying colors from Family Dollar and have tons left over. If you look closely I used a hole punch and glued little dots all over the #7 piece. THAT TOOK FOREVER!

This is one of all of us on our way out the door for his birthday dinner on his actual birthday. I just love this picture. Cutecumber is into those boots right now (3 sizes too big lol)

He got a strange array of gifts including a tackle box filled with batteries, a giant road cone/barrel that ended up in my moms yard one day and she brought over. This box he is opening actually contained a new bike seat and decorated tube caps for his bike. Nothing wrong with his, but he LOVES to work on that bike lol

I love this picture because of my Grandpa (Dad's dad) in the background filming (like always, even since I was a newborn!) and it's a close up of the bike lock the Scientist wore as a necklace that day. lol

This is my nephew entertaining some of my guests ( L to R- My grandma (moms mom) my brother, and my step dad). What a little helper! He has grown SO much!

Cute picture of my other Grandma (dad's mom)

I didn't get pictures of this being used, but it was a hit! Ms. Thang made a pin-the-party hat-on-the-Lego game. The kids loved it!

This is a SUPER cute picture of Cutecumber in front of all the gift bags. 3 of those are for my own kids LOL Each one had a lego tag with their name and inside, scented bubbles, a lego coloring book that I printed out, 3 jumbo crayons, silly string, and a giant balloon on a rubber band.

Oddly, my mom, and both my grandmothers brought bubbles for the kids as well, but my mom brought those new Crayola colored bubbles.....

Take a close look at Cutecumbers leg LOL. The commercial swears they wash out, but my mom was freaking out

Those are not blue tights! lol Every bit of it washed out in the laundry/tub and she was a smurf no more.

Silly string is always a big hit. Look which way the nozzle is pointed while Ms. Thang tries to get her Grandpa.

My brother and nephew, silly string victims.

My handsome birthday boy!

The balloons are just shoved into a vase filled with Legos and a tag that came from the Lego shirt he is wearing for his birthday. My cake looks less like a lego and more like a deformed smiley face, but the birthday boy loved it and that's all that matters!

Cutecumber LOVES bubbles

Here is that giant road cone I mentioned earlier. Mom was afraid she was going to get pulled over the whole way over here lol

A cute one of my nephew, wanting more silly string.

I wish I would have gotten a few shots of the food cause all my trays looked so pretty. Oh, I did individual cups of ice cream this time and I loved it! I'll do that from now on. Everyone really had a fun time!

And just to make me cry...

Happy Birthday my precious son!


  1. The last part, I teared up on! I can't believe how big our babies are doing. You know how you said you only put 6 candles on the cake? Well, when I made Isabel's cake, I kept telling Lewis the cake didn't look right with 7 strings... we should just put 6 strings/candles & she can be 6 one more year... LOL

    Looks like everyone had a great time at his party! As always you did so good hand making everything!! How did you frost the cake?

  2. Thanks! I didn't use fondant, Aiyana and I just used butter cream frosting.

  3. Your parties alwasy come out so great. You are so talented! I love that picture of you and the kids, the boots are darling.


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