Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrift shopping and garage sales tomorrow

We'll see how much I can actually come home with from this list. I'm going to keep adding as I think of them so I can print this out and take it with me. I'm also hoping to take a few pictures with my phone on the trip and possible video. We'll see!

Looking for-

Picture frames and art/decor for the girls blank wall- I want to do a collage wall

A chair for Ms. Thang's reading corner- It needs to be on the small side, comfy, and sturdy.

ladder or stepping stool for the trampoline (good luck right?)- If I can't find one this weekend, I'm buying one.

bedside table for Cutecumber

Easter basket items- dvds, books, etc...

Easter hostess gift for my MIL who will host our Easter Dinner. A vase cause I'm thinking I might attempt an edible bouquet, or maybe a pretty platter or bowl with something yummy in it.

iphone 3g cases (to mix and match with mine)- I'm hoping to find some in the Target section of the Salvation Army.

New small desk for the scientists room. -Sturdy is the key here

Small table to convert into a lego table.

2 new end tables and possible coffee table for the playroom/den. -small

Fancy Nancy books and a few on my own list ( like the next two in the Hunger Games series and a few of the classics)

large iron work or something similar for the side of my house(behind the bench) and other decor for the flower bed.

Pictures for small wall on Honey's side of the bed

an iron (mine is straight out of the 70s, Honey took it with him when he moved into his own place right out of hs!)

large round, pedestal style dining room table (enough room to get 5 chairs around it) - this shape would work so much better in my dining area and allow room for a small hutch. I want the pedestal style so none of us are sitting right at a table leg. AND I want it for $100 or less. (always on the look out for this) I missed this one on Craigslist by an hour! Darn!

Lamp base for the living room similar to THIS or something ornate that I can do THIS turquoise treatment on.

A low laundry basket on wheels that comes just under the doors of my W/D which I found at antique shops but they are always display only! I want this because my doors open the wrong way (into each other in the center) so I have to toss all the clothes to the dryer over the doors. boo. If I found THIS I'd die!

I also want a longer (with drawers) entry table or buffet type thing to go HERE cause mine is too small for the space.

to be continued...

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