Monday, May 9, 2011


Me- "Do you want a piece of cake?"

Scientist- "No way! I HATE that cake!"

Me-"Well hate is a strong word for cake don't ya think?"

Scientist- "Yes, but it's the right word for that cake."


Ms. Thang- "Turn off all of these extra lights!"

Scientist- "Why?"

Ms. Thang- "It's bad for the economy and kills polar bears."


I wake up to Cutecumber giggling a mere 1/100th of an inch from my face and I smell something.

Me- "I think you need a diaper change. Shewww wee!"

Cutecumber- nods in agreement

Me- sitting up in bed I notice her diaper is already off and then I see the well-marked trail up to my pillow where I was peacefully sleeping just a few seconds ago.

Me- "It's going to be a shitty Monday."

Cutecumber- "It's going to be a shitty Monday."


  1. LOL Your kids are too cute!!! Maddie repeats my bad words sometimes and it's so funny.. Bad too sometimes... Lewis said one time to change the channel because they were about to talk about cocaine (sp?) and maddie starts running around the house "cocaine! cocaine! COCAINE!!!" omg it was so funny!

  2. I'm pretty sure I would NEVER hate cake!

  3. Sandra I'm questioning his DNA. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ahh, the joys of mommihood!

    I agree - I don't think I could hate any cake. Although, really, I only want the cake for the frosting. mmmm...frosting


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