Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Questionnaire

I did one of these for my Dad last year, and he really enjoyed it, so now I'm doing it again. This time, for my beautiful (inside and out!) Mom. :)

Mother's Day questionnaire

1. What is your Mother’s middle name? Lynn
My name and my oldest daughter's name begin with an "A" so when my youngest came along, I needed another "A" name. My Honey and I also wanted to incorporate both of our mothers and so Cutecumber became Ashlyn Ramona. Ramona being my mil's name and the "lyn" being my Moms. :)

2. Where was your mother born? I'm not 100% positive that it was Orange County, but I know she was born a California girl (like David Lee Roth wishes we all were.)

3. What was the most influential piece of history that took place during your mother’s childhood? Kennedy assassination?

4.Who were/are your mother’s role models? My guess would be Mary Poppins cause she's practially perfect in every way.

5.What is your earliest memory with your mother? I really don't have many childhood memories without her. She's been very involved and close to me my whole life. In the early years I remember her asking me to point to the light and then tickling my arm pit, something I did/do with all 3 of my kids.

6.What is your favorite childhood memory with your mother? It's hard to pick one, but Yahtzee night always brings a smile to my face. We'd have a night of games (her, my brother, and I) playing together and eating fun "Yahtzee" snacks. It was a fun family time that she made special for us when she was a single mom, working long hours to keep us afloat.

7. What color eyes does your mother have? Blue. Her and my two daughters are blond and blue. It totally skipped me!

8.Did you buy your mother a Mother’s Day gift? I did. An itunes gift card. When I bought it, along with a card, the cashier asked me if it was for my mom. She was shocked that my mother knew how to use one for an iphone because apparently her mother can't even text yet lol. My mom is way more phone savvy than I am. I call HER when I have questions about my phone.

9.Is there anything you would like to tell your mother that you could or did not? I'd like to tell my mom everything that happened to me in every minute of every day and I would if I could but she had to go and get a job and then I have this thing called life. lol But there isn't anything I regret not saying to her. She knows it ALL and laughs with me, cries with me, helps me through it and praises the good times.

10.What was your mother’s biggest influence on you? Being a mom. Everything I do as a mother is an attempt to copy everything she did. I don't ever deviate from her example on purpose. I just can't always be as awesome as she was/is.

11.What good advice did your mother give to you? It's not advice, but it's the best thing she ever gave me. Unconditional love. Not everyone gets that on earth. I'm blessed!

12.What would you like to pass on to your children that your mother passed on to you? #11! and faith in God.

13. What famous mother would you not mind having as your mother? Jenny Craig. I could use a little help! But mom is working at Curves now so... lol

14. What three traits do good mother’s have in common? Nurturing, patient, and understanding

15. Give us your most favorite quote made by your mother. "Stop it right now both of you, or I'll come eat lunch with you at school and laugh until milk comes out of my nose! Do you want that?!"

I love you mom!

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