Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting with the Scientist's Teacher

He's smart and kind hearted. That was the gist of the meeting, and of course those are 2 things I totally already knew. :)

He'll be going into the 2nd grade next year. I hope we are as lucky as we have been so far when it comes to his teachers.

I'm a very sheltering and protective mom. I have trouble letting go of the reins, but I'm aware of the importance of independence and force myself to do an unnatural thing and let go in the name of being a good mother. Having done the entire SAHM/preschool thing at home, and not ever doing daycare or a babysitter (other than a handful of times with a close relative) for his entire preschool life, releasing him into the world of Grade School was a really scary thing for me.

Will they even notice him in an entire classroom full of children?
Will he be over shadowed or neglected?
They can't possibly care for him the way I do, noting the little things he does when he's stressed and addressing it quickly, or appreciating his delicate touch and sweet demeanor when dealing with younger children, animals or bugs. If that isn't nurtured and noticed will he harden?

These are the types of things that ran through my head. This network of people are not family. They do not love him. They are there to do a job and that scared me.

Today his teacher told me how bright he was, (which I knew) and I questioned his behavior and lack of focus to which she replied "He does get distracted." with a twinkle in her eye. "That kid, I swear he can be in the math center making elaborate castles out of the blocks he is supposed to be using to count out mathematical problem,s and I'll say "G, is this what you are supposed to be doing with the blocks?" and he apologizes, finishes his work with accuracy and ease, then helps others that are a little behind. He's a pretty great kid."

That sounds like love doesn't it?? She notices him. She cares about him and she smiles when referencing him, even when he's been a bit naughty. When he's had a rough day, he knows she will come to talk to me. He tries to hide behind a tree while she tells me what went wrong. It makes her laugh and she'll say "Oh yeah, he's hiding because he knows I'm going to tell you that he was throwing pencil erasers today during lunch, like hiding helps at all." and you can tell by her smile that she loves him in all his tree hiding, eraser throwing glory.

Just yesterday, I walked over to pick him up after class and he was trying to plant a broken tree branch back into the ground.. I chuckled to myself over his proud stance, hands on his hips, thinking he was pretty awesome for saving that poor little branch, and I look over and there is his teacher, mirroring my smile of endearment.

She really cares for my son. That hits me straight in the heart. Because of teachers like her, I can send my son to school and know he's cared for, listened too, and best of all learning and flourishing.

I'll miss this one. I love her!

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  1. That is so awesome that he had such a great teacher! You are such a wonderful, observant and caring parent, I think that is why God gave him to you...and don't worry He is watching over him too:)


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