Friday, May 27, 2011


I just love this pic of the Scientist. Two minutes into Summer Vacation and his face says it all.

We've only been home for about an hour and my hands already smell like coconut-y sunscreen goodness.

Here is my little froggy getting her skin sun kissed!

Ms. Thang headed off to her dad's right after school, but I do have this picture she took on the phone of her and her English teacher (a fav) before she says goodbye to 7th and hello to 8th.

Beautiful! Does her charisma shine or what?

Yay for schedule free days and lazy mornings. Good bye rushed after school activies and hello easy going playdates at the park!

Of course this feeling will end as soon as the kids start to fight and cry with bordem, but until then, I'm soakin' it in!


  1. Yeah I am happy for all! Wonderful pictures, kids all look so content:) I love the goggles/! Ms Thang's teacher looks so young! Thanks for the pics I can almost smell the coconut...

  2. Ms. Thang & her teacher look the same age... lol Will she be away al summer? Or just June?

    We still have a few more days of school left... I cant wait for it to be over!!


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