Thursday, July 21, 2011

Raising a Boy

Sometimes I find myself pressed to teach my son how to "be a man" because Honey is gone so much in his line of work. I also have to take a more dominate role in the discipline area and then turn around and be the arms that hug and comfort him afterward. Playing the good cop AND the bad cop can be difficult but I think I'm making it work.
I am a major influence in his life (by default) because of the amount of time I spend with him, but his father has a huge impact on him as well. I have to remind myself that my husband is teaching him important lessons even in his absence. Everyday that man goes to work, his son sees him provide for his family, putting his children and wife as a top priority. The Scientist learns that he will earn respect as head of the household, getting the best seat in the house, largest portion on his plate, and even domination of the remote control by leading his family wisely and always with their best interest in mind. He learns by example, how to keep a wife happy, complementing her on her hair if he wants a kiss and praising her cooking skills if he wants to eat again.
He also has a great role model in his grandfather whom he spends an entire day with every week, learning patience in the garden, tenderness for beloved family pets, and the encouragement to experiment and explore his interests in a blanket of praises.
In a house full of girls, he really gets an overdose of the great traits we have to offer, like compassion, affection, and an appreciation for scented candles but I think the Scientist has the perfect balance. I hope he'll be a wonderful man with a few female attributes to make him a tender husband and playful father, yet getting characteristics from the men in his life, making him strong, stable, dependable and even down right rugged. (The rugged part coming after puberty of course!)

Raising this kid and seeing him evolve from boy to man, is (and will be) one of the greatest joys of my life. I love the little baby he was, the amazing boy he is now, and I even love the man he will be. Already <3

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