Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 2


About 5pm yesterday I was feeling the tired dragon within me. Then My Honey called to tell me he wouldn't be home until 10pm, and I went roaring about the house. Luckily he was able to get away earlier than he expected and I tried to keep my mood to myself until bed time but probably failed miserably. No one said anything, but of course, they knew not to. :)

This morning I lingered in bed a bit past the alarm, but I did roll out eventually, and decided to get out today. Tuesdays my FIL takes the Scientist (my son - see new name references to the right) to his house to hang out for most of the day. That leaves me with just the baby so outings are easier to handle.

I went to Ross armed with a whopping $15 and a mission to buy a cute outfit for The Scientist's 5th birthday party which is this Saturday. I ended up finding a cute shirt for $4 then decided to wear capri's I already own and get a new bra instead. I was feeling pretty good since I found a shirt that matched my picky criteria (cheap, long, boob covering, fat hider) and then I saw "her". Some thin, suit wearing, perfect make-up business woman reaching past me to pick up a sexy little red lacy bra. And there I am, sweat shirt, eyeglasses atop my head as a hair accessory, holding up a giant medical looking brassiere. (Seriously, just add another cup and we could hid the baby in one, move them around a bit and place bets on which one she's hiding in.)

So anyway, it put a little trip in my happy skip, because this little outing is basically the highlight of my day and just a random errand in hers, BUT.. baby steps Angel.. keep focused. You're on your way.

I got out of the store with a new shirt and bra ($10) and stopped at Sonic to get a Caramel Javachiller. Hey, I'm working on going to bed earlier and getting out more. The diet thing starts during a different week. :P

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  1. screw the skinny chick....I never trust a woman that looks like she doesnt eat...they scare me! Lookin good in my book!


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