Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 4

Today is just a wash, rinse, and repeat of yesterday. I stayed up late to finish the shell of my first home-made pinata. So far so good! I hope it dries so I can paint it tonight. I have to make the cake Friday.
As I was making this, it really started to look like a boob. The tied end of the balloon made a nipple type point and I was imagining painting it accordingly and wondering how well it would sell for a bachelors party. Then I thought how great it would be to hang a pair together and paint them like "balls" for a bachelorette party! Can you imagine that classic pinata scene?
Hey, I said it was late. lol
By the way, I'm an avid Lost fan and last night was TERRIFIC! I don't read spoilers so the episode was really a surprise ending. If you don't watch, I recommend watching the first few episodes on Hulu (free) or renting the first season. Then write me back and tell me how you skipped work and pulled some all nighters to watch the entire run, back to back lol.
And hello... Josh Holloway!

See the finished pinata HERE

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