Thursday, May 21, 2009

The home tour challenge, weekend recap, and pics

I've done this before, and it's great for two reasons. One, I love my house so I can talk about it all day, and two, it really motivates me to clean!

I will post a picture or two of a room in my home and answer the following:

What I love:
What I hate:
What I want:
What I need:
Something old:
Something new:
Good bargain:
Most expensive:
Most meaningful:
And my own added question, "Where is the bird?"
(I have one in every room of my home)

I'm thinking I'll post these challenges on Fridays so I have all week to work on cleaning...umm I mean taking pictures. :) Maybe I'll even add a picture of the room when we first bought it for comparison.

In the mean time, not much to report. My Honey bought a 20ft flagpole on Memorial Day and our house is now a landmark visible from any point on Loop 250. lol BBQ was great, and we watched a few movies including Mall Cop. If you don't know My Honey, this is him in movie form. He actually was a mall cop when we got together, and I was working at the Fuddruckers in the food court. He wore the official "Mount-me" Hat and took his job even more serious than the lead character in the movie, I swear! It really flooded back the memories. :)
And now for a few pics of my little cutecumber. Doesn't she look like a pose-able doll in the last one? lol


  1. Aww Cutecumber is sooo adorable..I also love the BBQ pic of your Honey! Do you have a giant flag to go on your giant flagpole or is that what I can get your Honey for his bday next month...could mean more shade..for the whole town lol!

  2. Mom- He does have a big flag, but wants a Texas one as well. LOTS of shade lol

  3. awww she looks so sweet standing there with Daddio.....I miss you guys!! The backyard pic with "honey" looks nice, did you get rid of the trampoline?

  4. Crystal- Thanks!

    Cindy- I didn't get rid of the trampoline although the blue lining is torn from the hail storm. It's just an older picture, but I thought it captured his essence best lol


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