Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Remember when I was going to paint a series of little girls with fruit tangled in their hair for my kitchen and did this painting of Lemontine?

Well I got around to painting a sister for her. Meet Persimmalee!

If truth be told, I don't like her as much. I need to detail the persimmons more, fix her hair in spots, and I'm also thinking of giving her a beauty mark and a few tiny white flowers scattered in her hair. I don't know. I wish I'd have given her a more "impish" look, but the scientist thinks she's the older prettier sister lol


  1. You painted these yourself? They are cool

  2. You are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
    And I'm excited about your other post too--can't wait to see your faves/oldest things etc.
    Jeannie btw I put anon bc I can never remember my password :(

  3. I really am so impressed with all the cool artistic things you do. What a great idea.

  4. She is beautiful! I love the color of her eyes with her lovely hair and fruit. Are you going to put her in the kitchen with her sis? I am thinking the background may match your bday fiesta s & p shakers? What a great artist you are!!

  5. Crystal- I did, thanks!

    Jeannie- You should do the challenge too. You were supposed to do it on the board anyway and never did!

    Deana- Thanks :)

    Mom- I did put her in the kitchen and tried to match the bkgrnd to the shakers. You influence everything I do lol

  6. very cool! I wish I could paint, i would so do tons of happy trees!


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