Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm not a hoarder

I actually get a natural high from throwing out excess items and decluttering my home, but there are things even I can't throw out.

Glass jars yet there is no where to recycle them here. I gave a lot to a woman on freecycle during Christmas. She was making gifts out of them. I hope she does it again this year.

Gift bags but I do reuse them. There are some that have been given back and forth in my family for years. I got a Mother's Day gift in one this year that had been given to me by my mom for a birthday and then to my MIL for her birthday. It was like seeing an old friend.

Bibles, crosses, and even the free Jesus movie everyone got in the mail. Religious guilt plays a role here and I have accumulated more than you would think. I live in the south and small bibles are even handed out at Halloween. lol

Photographs of anyone. Even a picture I got in a Christmas card of a friends niece I've never met, or a blurred picture of my cat's tail when you used to have to print the whole roll.

Eye shadow which I rarely wear. I've had some for at least 6 or 7 yrs and used once or never at all. Sometimes I think I'll start doing the make-up everyday thing, but it hasn't panned out yet.

Broom handles which I leave in the garage. I always think I'll use them for something. Maybe I can make a jousting stick and my honey can be an American Gladiator for Halloween. All I need is an awesome flag print spandex suit in XXL.

What do you hang on to?


  1. You can have a big limbo party with the broom sticks, or hang pinatas all over the place to just wallop when you feel the need. I,too, hang on to make-up, I have a boat-load of it. I just seem to have a lot of stuff, I couldn't be very specific about it really is. Every couple of months I get rid of bunches of it, but then it seems to come right back.

  2. I need to start throwing a lot away! I hang out to TOO MUCH!!!


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