Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick update

I know I said I'd do the Home Tour Challenge on Friday, but Miss Thang got out of school early on Thursday and I've been living on a "summer high" having the kids home with me and My Honey took a long weekend as well. I wish it could be like this everyday. :)

Here are a few pics of her last day in the 5th grade and her first official day of SUMMER!
A pic of my youngest two before we went to pick her up. I've been on a bow making kick. I need to post some close ups of them sometime.

A pic of all three outside of her classroom and last pic of her with her long hair. (note that I do not advice the scientist to pull up his socks or pull down the waist of his shorts. That's his own sense of style and it can not be broken!)

And her cute summer haircut afterwards. The lady that did it showed me how short Miss Thang advised her to cut it and asked if that was ok. I said, "Whatever she wants" and the lady cringed as she did the first few cuts. She loves it! This is what she calls her "commercial pose" lol

I updated my Video of the Month. This time it's The Fear by Lilly Allen. Once again, the video is unavailable to be embedded so I just posted a video of the lyrics. (watch out for the *f-bomb*) You should really go check out the actual video. I absolutely love the imagery in the beginning including the teddy bear on the clothing line. :)

Speaking of awesome images, I am making a family cookbook of our family favorites and while at Target, Miss Thang pointed out THE cutest fruit inspired scrapbook paper package. I impulse bought it, and although I haven't found time to put it together yet, I look at the paper often, and don't regret the purchase at all. You know how I feel about "cute fruit"!

A funny from The Scientist-

Scientist: "Mom, today I was just sitting there and my brain thought of a cool toy idea all on its own."

Mom: "It did? Well what kind of toy is it?"

Scientist: "I can't tell you. I want to wait until I grow up to make it and get rich. I don't want you to tell someone else and they might make it before me."

Mom: "Don't you trust your own MOM!?"

Scientist: "No way."

I honestly plan on doing the first room of the Home Tour Challenge tomorrow, but no promises!


  1. I LOVE Ms Thangs haircut, she looks older or something!! Cutecumber is the cutest thing with her big brother I just want to pinch her little cheeks!!

  2. She really does look older doesn't she? :(

  3. as you know I am just nuts over pictures. Love the summer shots, I hope to see more!


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