Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Tour Challenge

Room #1- The Living room

Honestly this room is not properly named. We are rarely "living" in here and when we are, it's quiet time. I refuse to put a TV in here against much begging from other members of the family, but I want a refuge away from noise and chaos. That should probably be my bedroom but somehow it became a fun hang out for the kids. I like that this room usually stays clean and looks good for unexpected guests. I can keep them here,avoid the messier rooms, and they are none the wiser. It's also a great room to pull more chairs into from the kitchen and entertain during holidays and birthday parties.

Here it is when we bought it:

And here it is today:
(view when you walk in the front door and look to your left)

(front door)

Wall that my children must chase each other around. Separates kitchen from living room. You can see the kid's bedroom doors here. The girls room (pink and orange) and the scientists room with the door shut.

What I love: I really like that the color scheme in here goes so well with Christmas. I did that intentionally. The tree goes in this room, and with the fireplace, it's really a room that makes a beautiful backdrop for holiday pictures and memories.
I also love how much we have made with our own hands. I painted the large flower picture, but copied a famous one. I just needed it to fit my free frame and I was too cheap to buy a new one. I also did the giraffe table myself on a whim. My Honey made the much needed hall tree (pictured further down). The floors, scraped ceilings (got rid of the popcorn), fireplace facing, and paint were all done by us.

What I hate: I really hate our view and window treatments. I've tried a few different things, but I just can't get it right. I don't like that there is no entrance or foyer into the room. It's just open the door and BAM, here is the living room. I got the pieces flanking the window for a dollar each at a thrift shop and like them, but they seem dwarfed on every wall I put them on. I used to have them hanging vertically, but tried this and still don't like it.
I don't like the rug either. It is too small and looks like it's just floating there. It's a small room and the fireplace makes the furniture arrangement a bit challenging. You can really see most of what I mention here in this picture: (any ideas would be appreciated!)

What I want: Better furniture is #1. I like the arrangement for the most part, but I'd really like nicer pieces, maybe even a sectional that would help create a more subtle entrance into the room. I also want an armoire type desk with closing doors to go on the wall with the giant clock. It needs something big there to balance out my oddly angled fireplace. Then I could have the desk out of my bedroom which would free up much needed space there. I also want to paint that wall as an accent but it's something that has to go well with both the kitchen and the living room and I think that leaves me with green. I can't imagine it green and liking it so for now..it stays "wheat-grass". I also want two large vases or something symmetrical for either side of the fireplace. I have too many little things there. It looks cluttery to me.

What I need: Finished floors! The edging pieces between the tile of the kitchen and the wood of the living room are still not put on. It's another thing hidden amongst the many things on an ever-growing "honey-do" list. I may have to bite the bullet and put my princess fingers to work. I also have the fireproof paint to spray the inside of the fireplace black, I just haven't got around to doing it. Story of my life.

Something old:
I think the oldest thing in this room is the pear my mom gave me before she moved to California. She asked me if I wanted anything, and having just finished the painting with the pear, I asked for it and she gave it to me! I'm not really sure how long she had it before I got it. I'm assuming she got it secondhand herself. I really like it and this was probably where my obsession with infusing fruit into my home decor began lol

Something new: Actually I just bought this rooster at the Salvation Army yesterday while hunting for a dresser to go in the scientists room. I took the home tour pictures before I got it, so I had to take this one special. I originally wanted it to go in my kitchen, but I put it here temporarily while I unpacked things and I really like it there.

Good bargain: Thrift store items (under a dollar): all candles and holders, rooster, pieces flanking the window, the star above the hall tree, two smaller pieces in the art collage - the square wood carving and the small red square with white flower. (which is actually a piece of a handkerchief given by my brother in law from his trip to Japan, put in a thrift store frame, hanging on a thrift store cork-board covered in corduroy fabric)

Most expensive: Aside from the couch and the flooring, the ceiling fan is the most expensive and was one of the only things I did not purchase on sale. The picture doesn't do it justice either. The center part looks like it belongs on an refurbished luxury car from the 50s, which is actually how I got my honey to purchase it lol

Most meaningful: The phrase above the hall tree my honey made. We picked it out together and it really sets the tone of my entire home.
The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, and peace - Galatians 5:22
I also really like the cross hanging by the front door. It was given to us by the realtor on the day we officially became owners of our house. It was the first thing we put on the walls. :)

Unexpected: The pillows on the couch are actually outdoor fabric which has really come in handy (easy to clean). The weathervane and ducks on the mantle are also from the outdoor section at Target.

"Where is the bird?" : This room doesn't have a "sparrow" type bird which are my favorite, but I count the ducks and now the new rooster as well.

This room really has more of a country flare that I wasn't going for but just happened. Sometimes aspects of my personality surprise even me lol. When I realized which direction it was taking I was worried it would get "shabby- chic" or "old barn" type of country. I wanted a "clean" country style so I tried to keep it fresh and modern with a simple color pallet. I added a bit of personality with hand selected/ mix and match accessories and a bit of whimsy with the coffee table.
Few other mentionables about this room:
-I know I have crosses above the kids doors and next to the front door, but I would love to do a cross collage or "wall of faith" which is extremely popular in this area. I always found it kind of corny until my honey said he didn't want one and now the rebel in me REALLY wants to do it on the wall by the front door.
I have started one with mini crosses in the girls room though. You'll have to note that when we do that room. :)
-Although my room is in warm colors I went with silver accents rather than gold because I hate hate hate gold.
One room down, many more to go. I can't promise it will be one a week, but I'll try!


  1. Angel your home is beautiful. I have loved everything you have done and know you worked hard to make it look so nice. My one idea for the peices by the front window is to hang them with ribbon which gives them a bigger presence. You can find really nice ribbon, like a taffeta ribbon that looks really dressy.
    I think I will do the home tour next week after we get our entertainment center put in, fun.

  2. Deana that is a GREAT idea. Thanks! I hope you do the home tour. I love looking at peoples houses. It's half nosiness, and half stealing ideas lol

  3. very cool....I have no interior design in me that would help you out. I dont see any beer signs or pin up girls so this room is a loss for me. But good job over all, and if I could paint I would do fruits and naked wome.

  4. Needs gnomes, lol. Looks great.

  5. WOW! That room is beautiful!! I hope when we get a house it's nice like yours!! or that i can make it that nice... or you can come do it for me.... idk yet. :P

  6. I LOVE this post Angel-I may do it soon :)

  7. I showed Austin these pictures. I told him I want OUR house to look like yours!! CLEAN AND EVERYTHING!


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