Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Tour Challenge: Kids Bathroom

Well, here is the kids/main bathroom. It had quite an overhaul about 2 years ago.

Here it is when we bought it: I'm guessing they were Longhorn fans or something. That is the only thing that can explain the paint choice.

There was also a tub in there (which we now replaced with a shower, but you can see some of the old paint I had in there before the big makeover)

And here it is now:

What I love:

I like the colors. Although I plan on changing it to warmer colors way down the line to go with the tile, this color palette is cool, calm and modern for the kids. It feels clean.
What I hate:
It's tiny, but we have helped that situation a lot with the remodel. I think we gained about 6 or so square ft. tiles replacing the vanity with a pedestal sink, and the tub with a shower. Not a huge amount of space, but it makes a big difference in such a small space.
What I want:
I would like some art work in there. Maybe something above the towel rack. I also want a pretty basket to hold Ms. Thang's hair stuff, rather than the pink bucket, but it has to be long and narrow and I'm having a hard time finding something like that.
What I need:
New towels but guess what everyone got for Christmas? With their names embroidered too. :) I am thinking of sewing a loop on each one so they can hang it on a hook. I need to replace the towel rack with 3 hooks or find those utensil hooks that can hang from the rack I have. It already looks a little cluttered with their robes and just the one towel though. I'm thinking of making them hang their robes in their rooms. Maybe a hook just inside each of their closets.
Something old:
Some of the wash rags in their cabinet are Christmas stocking stuffers from years ago. They are those kind that unfold in water that you get at the dollar store. There are a ton more not pictured here because my son thinks he needs 6 at a time and most are in the wash.

Something new:
The towels I'm giving for Christmas. I should take a picture since I haven't wrapped them yet. If I don't, they are white (so I can bleach them clean) with their names in light blue.
Good bargain:
How about that pink Easter bucket that holds the blow dryer, curing iron etc... I think it was 50 cents and all the shampoo and soap because I got it super cheap with my new couponing skills.
Most expensive:
The shower. I can't remember how much it was exactly, but the whole bathroom makeover was under $1000 and the shower was probably 80% of that.
The unexpected:
For this I will show you a few of the pictures from today, just before I cleaned it.
Note the bag of bird seed on top of the cabinet. Don't ask. I didn't.

Clothes pile in the corner.. typical. Squirting bath toys...typical. Plastic hammer in the shower that was supposed to be on top of the fridge because someone was being too wild with it.. probably not so typical.

Most meaningful:
The time my honey and I spent redoing this thing with our own hands. And when I say "our hands" I mean his. I was pregnant lol. But we did have a good time. High on paint fumes, total body exhaustion. Good times. I clearly remember my roller painting his skin as he reached up high and showed me some belly from under his shirt lol
Where is the bird:
no bird here, just bird seed. :P

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  1. Have you tried a craft store for a long skinny basket?


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