Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's just around the corner!

I'm feeling that childhood excitement and anticipation! I am so ready for Christmas! I've got 3 of them this year. First there is the one here with the kids of course. I'm sure Honey will set up the camera in the corner and we'll have another video of me looking like crap. Actually, it's so funny because now when I watch those videos I'm like, "Why was I so self conscious? I looked GREAT!"

Anyway, after that video debut, we are off to my in-laws for more presents and a yummy Christmas lunch. We'll linger and probably reheat it all for dinner too. They have a piano. I wonder if I could get my brother-in-law to play songs that Ms. Thang knows on her violin. How cool would that be? The scientist plays a mean harmonica too. You think I'm joking, but he has his own metal piece with the case and everything. He leaves it over there and the girls (including cousins) are not allowed to play it (because of germs but everyone is convinced it's because the scientist is the only BOY) so they try their hardest to sneak and use it since it's forbidden.

On Saturday morning we are headed to my mom's in Carlsbad and plan to stay the night. She got us all tickets for a nightly river ride to look at Christmas lights. I can't wait! Wednesday (our minpin) is going on her first road trip. She's ready to chase her great Aunt Emmie (mom's pom lol) around the tree.

We are pretty much done with all the prep work. We still need to get my FIL's gift, and a couple of things for my grandma's cats (yeah cats, so!) and I'm supposed to be cleaning the bathrooms right now, but opted to write this little gem instead. Maybe I'll take some pics of the kids bathroom and do a little home tour challenge in the process. It'll be motivation to clean!

Speaking of clean, I love to light a candle when I'm all done for that final touch that says, "This house is cleansed!" and although it is $9 (yes I know but you can find coupons!) the Febreze Home Collection Green Tea candle is great! It smells so good and lasts forever. You can light that thing for about 5 minutes and your entire house smells fantastic all day.

*I just googled it to find the actual name and saw that you can use the lid as a base. I like it even more now. Also, the glass is so nice, I'd use it as a vase for flowers near the bedside or since it has a lid, for q-tips or cotton balls etc.. in the bathroom. Actually have you seen those resin water vases at Target? I wonder how easy it would be to do that? Hmm..
Ok, I'm rambling... Have a great Christmas!

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  1. Well I only have three things to say..CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!
    lol it is going to be funnnn! We drove by some of the light displays last night and one I know miss thang will love is of dolphins leaping:)


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