Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The scientist vs Santa

My oldest was all about Santa. She loves to get into the whole idea of him even now that she is "onto" the whole thing. I was just thinking about this earlier in the year, about how lucky that is since she is the oldest and has to play along for the sake of the younger two for quite awhile because of the large age gap.

What I didn't know, was that this was the year that the scientist would give me hell about it! He's never really been into it. Even at ages 2-4 when it's supposed to be magical (and a great threat for bad behavior) he didn't care. He only waved at Santa in the mall cause I told him to, and always had that questioning look in his eyes. "Is this for real?"

Well last year my Honey bought a Santa suit. He loves to dress up and it's something he always wanted. He was convincing as Mr. Claus (it is a great suit) and his hopes were high that the scientist was going to be excited once and for all, but I knew it wouldn't work. That is his dad and the scientist is Mr. Observant. While everyone else pretends that Clark Kent looks nothing like Superman w/ his glasses on, our son let it ruin the entire movie for him. It was just too obvious to overlook. Major plot hole lol

So, my honey, elated that he finally got the suit he always wanted and high hopes that he was going to pull it off for our then 4yr old, snuck out the back door.
The front bell rings, I open the door, "It's SANTA!" I said, my honey does a perfect "ho, ho, ho!" with twinkling eyes, and our son walks in and says "That's Dad." I literally saw my honey's shoulders sag and sulk, and if there had been a rock at his shoe, he'd have kicked it.

The scientist gives me a look that said, "Are you serious?" I think he even looked around to see who it was we were trying to fool because it couldn't have been HIM. I had to do a lame cover story. Something like, " Yes, he was trying to fool you, but you are too smart! You knew he wasn't the REAL Santa."

He kept his thoughts to himself, although his eyes said, "For you mom, I will pretend to believe and stay a child one more year."

That was last year. This year, he's been trying to catch me in the lie since Thanksgiving.

We saw "Santa" at walmart giving free photo ops to normal children willing to believe that Santa's full beard can grow from one row of follicles above his upper lip. My son, however, strolls by, gives an obligated wave and says with a little smirk "I know he isn't real and he is just in a costume."

I say, "Shh, you're right. (looking around to make sure other little kids can't hear me) You are smarter than those little bitty kids, but we don't want to ruin it for them. Actually, Santa is so busy making gifts in the North Pole, he has to send out helpers so everyone can tell the helpers what they want, and then all the helpers tell Santa."

He knows I'm lying. I'm OK with that, and we give each other some knowing smiles. I'm sure to tell these "lies" with an unserious and playful air. It's not about making him believe the lies, it's about playing the game lol

Sometime in early Dec....
"Mom, how does Santa get in our chimney if the flue is shut?"

"He is magic and puts a finger to the side of his nose and POOF goes up or down."

Few days later from the back of the van...
"Mom, if Santa is magic, why does he need reindeer and a sleigh. Why can't he just POOF to our house?"

"Then the reindeer wouldn't have a job. Poor little things would be bored to death up there at the North pole without anything to do."

Week later as I'm tucking him to bed...
"Mom, why doesn't Santa use his magic to make the other Santa's look more real?"

"It's really strong magic and if he did that, they may not be able to get the beards off ever again!"

....and so on and so on it has gone this entire Holiday season. He's keeping me on my toes, but it's just a matter of time before he asks me one I can't answer. I'm cherishing this time though. When he is old enough to know the truth, but young enough to play the game rather than just calling me out. I've decided that once Christmas is over, I'll let him win. I'll tell him he is just too smart and figured it out, but in return for being "in on it" he has to be responsible and not ruin it for others.

He's growing up so fast.

Christmas 08, just after he ruined Santa's moment by knowing it was "Dad" lol


  1. OMgosh that is hilarious! I really LOL...thanks for sharing. I will make sure Grandpa Jack has the flue open just in case LOL! I guess you just can't fool a budding scientist:)

  2. He is just to smart for his own good. It's so sad when they cant have fun with it all. Bryce had a ton of kids try to fill him in this year so I am not sure what he is thinking, he doesn't say much, I just figure we will enjoy it as long as we can.


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