Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picture outtakes

Well here is our official Christmas picture for 2009!

I think we did fairly well. The scientist's shirt was untucked and his pockets were out, but we cropped that problem. Ms Thang insisted Wednesday be in the picture and her goods are there for everyone to see, but who's looking at that, (did you just go back to check it out)?? Cutecumer is once again without socks or shoes, but she isn't screaming!
So I bet you are wondering what the other pictures looked like if this is the best one of the session right? Well, wonder no more. Here are a few of the pictures that didn't make it into the card this year.

Not sure what happened here, but I vaguely remember the dog and the boy being reprimanded through my Honey's smiling teeth, because apparently I was busy trying to deal with a 50lb weight in my right hand.

Here is one where Cutecumber visibly shows how much she trusts her siblings to keep her from falling off the brick:

Who can blame him for those "bedroom eyes" considering my hand is on second base.

And although I had to work with a baby and an animal, the scientist proved to be the most difficult to work with. Putting him in front, where no one can see his antics, these are a few of the results when shouting that last minute "SMILE!"

Merry Christmas!


  1. hahaha I need to find the pictures of my monkey at my wedding. The faces he made were too funny, damn crazed monkey!
    Copping a feel on picture day is an sport for me.....ahhhh those memoris of grammer school......oh wait....I take that back!

  2. ps...i did go back to see who's junk was hanging out in the first picture.....

  3. You are too funny, family pictures really can be torture. I am so thankful for photoshop allowing me to switch everything up. I love how unsure A. is in the one of just the kids, too funny. You have a darling family.


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